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Google Webfont Optimizer


Most modern websites and website themes use Google Fonts to make their website typeface nice to look at and read.
Some plugins even include Google Fonts to make their plugin fancy.

Unfortunately, all this adds up to a lot of different Google Fonts being requested for each webpage, making the website slower with a lower Google PageSpeed score.
Ultimately, it lowers your visitor’s experience and you could drop down in the search results.

Google already solved this problem on their servers by allowing you to ask for multiple fonts in a single request, but that doesn’t fix the problem on YOUR website.

Your website asks for all these different fonts in different requests because there hasn’t been a way to automatically find all these font requests and optimize them.

.. until now.

Finally there’s a way to do this automagically, and that’s where Google WebFont Optimizer helps your site.

Google WebFont Optimizer finds every Google Fonts request, bulks them all together so your website only asks Google once for the fonts, instead of multiple times.

This makes:

  • Your Website faster
  • Your visitors happier
  • Your Google PageSpeed score increase

You only have to install and activate the plugin, and the plugin takes care of everything else.

This plugin was created to make our client’s websites faster to load with a higher Google PageSpeed score, and now it’s yours – free!

If you want to discover more about how you can make your WordPress website faster, go to the Quick Falcon website.

The plugin works best with W3 Total Cache

You can find the source code on GitHub – https://github.com/sigginet/google-webfont-optimizer


  • Admin menu
  • Before and After Font Optimizing


  1. Unzip and upload google-webfont-optimizer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. (Optional) Configure the plugin through Settings->GWFO settings

Часті питання

Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip and upload google-webfont-optimizer to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. (Optional) Configure the plugin through Settings->GWFO settings
Does this plugin make my website faster?

If your website uses Google Fonts, yes.

How can I find out if I’m using Google Fonts?

Go to http://builtwith.com/ and type in your website URL.

Once builtwith finishes analyzing your website, go all the way down to “Widgets” (around the center of page) and see if Google Fonts API is listed.
If Google Fonts API is listed, your website uses Google Fonts and you should use this plugin.

What’s the difference between “HTML links in the header (no FOUT)” and “Javascript Web Font Loader (higher PageSpeed Score)”?

“HTML links in the header (no FOUT)” adds a render-blocking stylesheet link in your header. This can lower your Google PageSpeed Score, but removes all Flash-Of-Unstylized-Text (FOUT).

“Javascript Web Font Loader (higher PageSpeed Score)” uses a non render blocking Javascript code to load the Google Fonts. This makes your website display faster, but you may see some FOUT in the first milliseconds when you go between pages on your website. – This is the recommended option


made my website slower, not faster. didn’t strip out font styles not actually used on the site and duplicated font styles multiple times in request.
First I thought that plugin did not work and deleted it. Then Inspector showed me that my site is really goes to google fonts and I need the plugin. I installed it again and started to fine tune my other plugins. Fast Velocity Minify – Enable options: Strip HTML comments, Inline all header CSS files, Inline all footer CSS files, Enable defer of JS for Pagespeed Insights. WP Super Cache – leave everything in default Clear cache in Fast Velocity Minify. It will show that it also cleared WP Super Cache DO NOT BELIEVE it. Clear and renew cache in Super Cache. Go to your site and check that everything looks alright. Go to PageSpeed, my results 91/97 for mobile and desktop. For Google Analytics use Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS) plugin 🙂
Great work. I am runing a wordpress Mu, and it perfectly fast my site. Alex
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Журнал змін

0.2.4 &amp bug

Fixed a bug where fonts weren’t being removed when & is included.
Thanks to Jan Jaap for reporting the bug (and the fix)

0.2.3 PHP warning bug

Fixed a PHP warning bug.

0.2.2 Bugfix for empty google font links

Fixed a bug where invalid Google Fonts links with empty font name will be ignored.

0.2.1 Bugfix for link html

Fixed a bug where “\n” appears on top of your page when using HTML links.

0.2.0 First release

This version added configurable options (HTML links and JS Web Font Loader) and is the first official release in the WordPress repository.

0.1.0 Pre-release

This version was created for our clients, but it didn’t have any configurable options.