This plugin, with the free and unlimited WordPress Vulnerability Database API, allows to analyze all published vulnerabilities directly from your WordPress.

  • The current version of your WordPress will be checked.
  • All the plugins you have, whether from the repository, external or premium, will be checked.
  • All the themes you have, whether from the repository, external or premium, will be checked.

In case there is any documented vulnerability, you can visit the Site Heath of your WordPress and find the vulnerability information. You may find that your plugin or theme has a vulnerability, and it is as simple as upgrading to an updated version; it will inform you if the plugin/theme is no longer available for download or does not have a patch.

In settings you will have the options to send notification periodically for your installation. You can select between every day or weekly basis.

And then, You will find these wpcli commands:
wp wpvulnerability --help
wp wpvulnerability plugins
wp wpvulnerability core
wp wpvulnerability themes

Privacy Policy

This plugin or the WordPress Vulnerability Database API does not collect any information about your site, your identity, the plugins, themes or content the site has.

Data reliability

The information provided by the information database comes from different sources that have been reviewed by third parties. There is no liability of any kind for the information. Act at your own risk.


You can contribute to this plugin at the WPVulnerability GitHub repository.



Automatic download

Visit the plugin section in your WordPress, search for [wpvulnerability]; download and install the plugin.

Manual download

Extract the contents of the ZIP and upload the contents to the /wp-content/plugins/wpvulnerability/ directory. Once uploaded, it will appear in your plugin list.

Часті питання

Where does the vulnerability information come from?

The origin is in the WPVulnerability.com API. The vulnerabilities that appear in this API come from different sources, such as CVEs.

Is data from my site sent anywhere?

No. Never. Your privacy is very important to us. We do not commercialize with your data.

What vulnerabilities will I find?

Vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins and themes are documented.

What do I do if my site has a vulnerability?

First of all, peace of mind. Investigate what the vulnerability is and, above all, check that you have the latest version of the compromised element. We actively recommend that you keep all your WordPress and its plugins up to date.


I begint usisng the API for check some infected sites. Now In the form of Plugin, I installed in all my sites, and in the sites of customers
Una manera muy cómoda de conocer las vulnerabilidades, en cuanto a plugins, de una web. ¡Muchas gracias!
This plugin uses an API to check if the version of your core, themes and/or plugins present on your WordPress installation has any known vulnerability. It cares about efficiency so it can be always active, it won't have any noticeable affection to the load time of the public website (it only connects to the api when an administrator installs/updates something and also via cron each several hours). I can recommend to have this plugin active to help you spot possible vulnerabilities when forgot or delayed the update of plugin/theme/core.
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