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WPMobile Apps


WPMobile Apps lets you create a mobile experience with built-in Apps and Mobile themes.

The plugin comes with a theme named Mobilissimo that is exclusively for mobile devices
(i.e. tablets, smartphones).

The plugin comes with four Apps to ease the access to information for your
mobile visitors, they are located in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. These Apps are:

  • Call us: A simple app with your mobile phone number ready to call.
  • Opening hours: Quickly inform your visitors of your working days and hours.
  • Find us: Display your address with an interactive Google Map to quickly reach you.
  • Contact us: A simple form to let your users quickly contact you by e-mail.

The use of the mobile theme is optional, you might want to use your current theme that supports
mobile (e.g. responsive theme). In such case you just need to choose while in Theme Activation section.

The Apps can also be used in Desktop mode (e.g. laptops, PCs), there is an option for it. In the case
you only want the mobile theme, it is also possible to disable the Apps.

Known Issues

  • The plugin does not work together with qTranslate from WordPress 3.9 since that plugin has not been
    updated. You can use mqTranslate instead which is a fork of that plugin compatible up to WordPress 3.9.2.
  • WPMobile Apps support localization. By default, it will set the default settings in your WordPress local
    (e.g. en_US). If you use a multi-lingual site with a plugin (such as mqTranslate) you have to enter
    the corresponding text in the App settings. For example, for a multi-lingual label for the Contact us app,
    it would be: Contact usContactez-nous. Your plugin will display the
    correct language on your website.


  • Apps and Mobilissimo (mobile theme) in mobile view. This is how your site would look just after the plugin activation.
  • Apps with your default theme. This is how it looks if the Apps are enabled also for Desktop. Or, if you decide to use your current theme for mobile as well. Please note, the theme in this screenshot is just an example, in your case it would be your current theme.
  • The general settings of WPMobile Apps.
  • The Call Us App settings.


  1. Download the plugin, unzip its content and place the WPMobileApps directory inside your
    /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the the WordPress administration.
  3. Choose the theme to use for mobile devices (tablet, handheld) in the ‘Theme Activation’ submenu of the
    plugin (below Settings).
  4. Configure the Apps individually. You can as well disable all of them or enable them
    also for Desktop.


To test the Apps and the mobile theme in a desktop browser (e.g. Chrome), you can append ?theme=tablet or
?theme=handheld to the URL of your site. For example, if you are running your site on localhost, it would
be http://localhost/?theme=tablet. To switch back to your current theme, reset it by using ?theme=active to
clean the cookie.

Часті питання

How to test the plugin in a browser like Chrome?

You can append ?theme=tablet or ?theme=handheld to the URL of your site, for example http://localhost/?theme=tablet.
This will display the mobile version (setting a cookie). You will need to put ?theme=active to
switch back to your current theme or simply delete your cookies.

How to disable the mobile theme?

In the Theme Activation submenu of the plugin, choose the theme you want to use for mobile devices (i.e. tablet, smartphone).
You can use your current theme for example.

How to disable the Apps?

In the general settings of the Apps configuration, choose to disable the Apps. This will not load them
on your website at all.

How to use the Apps also in desktop browsers such as Chrome?

Check the enable Apps in desktop option in the Apps configuration panel.

How to change the CSS styles?

There is a file for this /core/css/app-panel-custom.css. Apply your custom styles there. For example
to change the toolbar height: #bottomtoolbar{height: 100px;} Please not that this file is loaded after
the plugin styles, thus it should override existing styles.

Does the plugin delete all its data on uninstall?

The plugin removes all its data in the wp_options table that start with the wpmob_ prefix.


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Журнал змін


  • [Fix] Login bug (COOKIES Error / Headers already sent). The plugin was loading content (CSS, HTML) too
    early and WordPress was throwing errors during log in.

1.0 Beta

  • Tested in WordPress 3.4 up to 3.9.2 with PHP 5.3.28, 5.4 and 5.5.