Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce


Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce extension permits you to define Global Thank You page for your Customers based on Success or Failure.

Now supports Order Details on WooCommerce Thank You Page.
Check FAQ Section for change log and more details.

This permits you to make your own Thank You Page with a custom thank you message, particular to your store and to your objective.

After a purchase, your customers will be redirected to the custom WooCommerce Thank You page rather than the default WooCommerce’s Thank You page.

With Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce version 2, you can set per product redirect urls and order details on thank you page.

This plugin is open for new feature request. Just create a request in plugin support

Plugin Features

1- Functionality to set Global Thank You page for your Customers based on Success or Failure.

2- Set per product redirect urls.

3- Allows you to make your own Thank you message, particular to your store and to your objective.

4- Fully Tested with latest wordpress and woocommerce versions.

5- Order Details on Thank You page. ( New Feature Update )

6- Supports Multiple Products in Cart

7- Supports Downloadable Products, downloadable product details on Thank You Page.

8- Language Translations through POT, PO files.

9- High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) compatible.

10- PHP 8 Compatible.

PRO Features

1- Thanks Redirect PRO allows all the functionalities of Thanks Redirect but for WordPress Multisite too.

2- Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions

3- Compatible with WooCommerce Donations

4- WPML Translated URL redirects

Check PRO Version for WordPress Multisite here Thanks Redirect PRO for WooCommerce


Want to contribute to the plugin?

You may now contribute to the plugin on Github WC Thanks Redirect


  • Global Redirect
  • Per Product Redirect
  • How to add shortcode for Order Details
  • Order details on Thank You Page
  • Order details on Thank You Page for downloadable products


  • Upload the directory ‘/wc-thanks-redirect/’ to your WP plugins directory and activate from the Dashboard of the main blog.
  • Configure the plugin at Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce.
  • Presently you can set Global Custom redirect URLs for your customers based on Success or Failure.
  • To display Order Details on Thank You page use this shortcode [TRFW_ORDER_DETAILS]

Часті питання

How Global Redirects work?

Navigate to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce
Here you can setup URLs for Global Redirect. If Global Redirect is active per product urls will not work.

How to set redirects per product?

Navigate to Edit your desired product, in General Tab you can set per product redirect.
( Note per product will work only if Global Redirects are inactive )

Does this plugin support Order Details on Thank You page?

Yes, Thanks Redirect for WooCommerce now supports Order Details on Thank You Page itself.

How to setup Order Details on Thank You page?

Step 1- Create a new page or edit existing page.
Step 2- Add this shortcode [TRFW_ORDER_DETAILS] on the page where you want to display Order Details on your Thank You Page.
Step 3- Add thank you page URL to your Plugin Settings

Does this plugin support redirecting to external website?

Yes, you can set an external url as thank you page.

Does this plugin support multisite?

No, Multiste is not supported in Free version.

Does this plugin support multilanguage?

Yes, pot file is available in languages. You may need to add translation file in your respective language.


13.01.2023 1 reply
The plugin is great for redirecting thank you pages, I had a license key issue and the support and resolution was instant through live chat. 100% worth the PRO price. Amazing, I wish all plugins had support like this.
14.07.2022 1 reply
This solves a problem, especially for marketers who use success pages for FB retargeting ads; you can get very specific now! It has an elegant simplicity about it. Follow up support is also fast.
03.02.2022 1 reply
This is what I was looking for! A plugin to make a redirect for the product. Just that! Thanks a lot! Easy to install, easy to set the page. All you have to do is to create a thank you page that you want to use in your process. Gaby
11.07.2021 1 reply
This plugin fills in, simple and efficiently, the absence of a custom thank you page redirect in Woocommerce acquisition funnel. Thank you for building this solution for us!
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Журнал змін

** V 1.0 **
Stable initial release
** V 2.0 **
Plugin updated for per product redirect urls.
** V 2.1 **
Fixed issue with plugin stopped working suddenly.
** V 2.2 **
Fixed issue with plugin double redirect.
** V 2.3 **
Updated plugin name for compliance.
** V 2.4 **
Plugin update to support Order Details on Thank You page.
** V 2.4.1 **
Plugin update to support Order Number in order details on Thank You page.
** V 3.0 **
Major plugin update with various bug fixes and new features.More features coming very soon
3.0 a) Various text changes
3.0 b) Bug fix – Redirect to first available Thank You Page if multiple products in WooCommerce Order. This fix the issue if last product does not have a redirect page then it will redirect to first available page.
3.0 c) Language translation is now possible for plugin, you may use POT file for translating the plugin in your language
** V 3.1 **
Security Fix release