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Super List Block


A handy little block that can be used in a variety of ways. Use it to nest other blocks inside list items, to create simple grid layouts ( like a properly responsive pricing table, or a wrapping icon list), or however you please.

This block is very light on styles (and avoids unnecessary div soup!). It aims to provide you with as much flexibility as possible, so you can harness it to create the content structure and layout you like.

If you enjoy the block, please leave a review! ⭐

If you have a feature request, please create an issue in the GitHub repository. ➕

If you need support, please use the support forum to reach out. 🆘

Key Features

A video tutorial to guide you through the features

  • Nest blocks inside ordered and unordered lists.
  • Nest blocks inside lists without any markers.
  • Let’s you create single column content or grid like content with the horizontal orientation setting.
  • Supports native color, padding, and margin settings. 🎉
  • Has a handy add button in the toolbar of list items to easily add more items while you’re in the flow.
  • Exposes the inner inserter with a clear text label for easy insertion.
  • Built entirely native WordPress Block Editor components
  • There is a pro version coming with even more features!

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  • Super List is a flexible list block that lets you nest blocks inside each list item!
  • Nesting blocks is easy and works just like it does in group, column, or cover blocks.
  • You can easily re-order list items and even add more list items wherever you need from the list item toolbar.


Цей плагін надає 2 блоки.

  • Super List Nest multiple blocks inside list items in any kind of list (ordered, unordered, no marker, etc)
  • Super List Item A list item that allows you to nest as many other blocks as you like inside it.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly, or search for Super List Block in the Block Library.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress if installed manually or through the WordPress plugins screen.
  3. Use the Super List block in the Block Editor


On my blog I have two sections for which I needed an expandable list, but at the same time flexible enough to display different content, such as headings, paragraphs, images, links, buttons, etc. With this plugin, I can now easily create a new list item and can focus on adding new content instead of wondering which blocks I should set in which way to make it work. Really a great plugin, thanks!
Was looking for a list solution for a new client and just happened to stumble on this gem. Crazy how straightforward and simple it is, yet packs a punch with everything you can do with it. My current theme didn’t display the Dimensions option in the Inspector Panel, so I reached out to Aurooba. She responded quickly and provided a solution until my theme supports WP 5.9 spacing. High fives for this awesome plugin and the developer’s support!
Since the block editor was released, I’ve been struggling to add more than one block to a list item. By default, you can’t nest blocks within a list item in the editor. Example: within a list item, you want a paragraph and an image. Or a paragraph and video. Which is the use case for a weekly roundup post I’ve published for over 10 years: list items that contain multiple pieces of content, including quotes, paragraphs, video, imagery. You could use a Custom HTML block, but I found the interface clumsy and frustrating to use. And time-consuming. Super List Block solves the issue of nesting blocks within a list item. It allows me to quickly add whatever content I want to a specific list item. The styling options for type of list, alignment, color, and orientation provide me the customizations I need for my list. Excellent plugin!
Found it on //wpletter.de/archive/324/ — Thank you, Simon! I dare to predict that this block will be included in the WP standard blocks in the near future. Best wishes from Vienna to Calgary
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  • Fix registration bug that was causing the block to not install correctly
  • Clarify Panel and List Item Max Width labels
  • Allow indentation for super lists nested inside a list item
  • Add typography support to both blocks
  • Add transform from core/list block (by @cr0ybot)
  • Add fix to ensure Super List is installable from the Block Library search
  • Update language .pot file
  • Add Anchor Block Support and Vertical Alignment capability
  • Add theme.json support


  • Release