Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.

Simple Taxonomy Ordering


Order all of the taxonomy terms on your site with a simple to use, intuitive drag and drop interface. The plugin works for WordPress core taxonomies — Categories and Tags — and any custom taxonomies you have created.

Activate the plugin, enable your taxonomy on the settings page, and drag and drop the taxonomies into the desired position. It couldn’t be easier.

На передній панелі сайту ваші терміни таксономії відображатимуться в порядку, встановленому в інформаційній панелі.

Requires WordPress 4.4 or later due to the use of the term meta.
Query Usage

  • If you’re trying to query for taxonomy terms (e.g. using WP_Query or functions like get_terms()), and you’d like them to be returned in the order specified by the plugin, you need to add the tax_position parameter in your call. For example: 'meta_key' => 'tax_position' and 'orderby' => 'tax_position'. Thanks to @certainlyakey on GitHub for pointing this out.


  • Сторінка налаштувань простого таксономічного впорядкування, дозволяє вказати, для якої таксономії ви хочете увімкнути впорядкування за допомогою перетягування.


  • Розархівуйте та завантажте вміст до каталогу плагінів (зазвичай wp-content/plugins/).
  • Активуйте плагін.
  • Head to the settings page, ‘Settings > Simple Tax. Ordering’.
  • Select the taxonomies you want to enable drag and drop ordering on. Save the settings.
  • Head to the taxonomy edit page and re-order the taxonomies as needed.
  • Profit


11.02.2021 1 reply
Migrated from Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order by NSP-Code because that plugin just wasn’t recognising all of my taxonomies. In this one you can (must) explicitly tell it which taxonomies to activate for.
28.01.2021 1 reply
Simple to use and easy to change categories ordering. Thank you!
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Журнал змін


  • Fixes custom order not being displayed on edit-tags pages.


  • Housekeeping


  • Fixes column span bug present after updating to WordPress 5.5.


  • Fixes bug with illegal string offset when disabling taxonomies under certain conditions.


  • Added action yikes_sto_taxonomy_order_updated to hook into updated Taxonomy event. Thanks @d4mation!


  • Singleton Pattern. This approach makes removing the filter, which sets the custom order, a lot easier.


  • Fixed uninstall method. The plugin should now uninstall and clean up after itself without error.


  • Fixed footer callout URLs and placement. It should only display on the settings page now.


  • Fixed an issue with PHP versions < 7 (renaming class method from include to include_files).
  • Fixed an issue where new taxonomies were not being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin’s action link to the settings page was going to the admin dashboard.
  • Updated the plugin’s pot file with the proper text domain.


  • Completely rewrote the plugin: it is now fully WPCS linted, assets are minified, inline styles and javascript have been removed, nonces are included in AJAX requests.
  • Fixed bugs with defaulting a taxonomy’s order.
  • Fixed bug where ordering on a subsequent page would overwrite the first page’s order.


  • Added some variable checks to prevent PHP Notices.


  • Changed the global (localized) JS variable from localized_data to simple_taxonomy_ordering_data to avoid any potential conflicts.


  • Fixed an issue where terms weren’t being returned if the termmeta table was empty. A big thanks to @doppiogancio on GitHub for finding this and helping us reach the solution.


  • Fixed a JS issue that occurs when HTML is added to category description. A big thanks to @mateuszbajak for finding this and fixing it!


  • Fixed a bug where the same SQL join statement was being added to a query twice on the front end (props to @burisk for calling this out)


  • Added a CAST call to order taxonomies as integers instead of strings (props to Timothy Couckuyt / @devplus_timo for calling this out)


  • Removed the disableSelection() call to allow selection of quick edit fields


  • Added i18n: added domain path, languages folder, .pot file, and load_text_domain() hook


  • Reverted query, added missing ORDER BY argument.


  • Altered the query run when ordering terms (Props to Daniel Schwab for the pull request.


  • Initial release