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BlogWell's Simple Image Link Widget


So you want to put an ad or an image in your sidebar. And you want it to link to another site. And you want to do it easily, without having to muck about with the code in the text widget.

While there are many WordPress plugins that offer sophisticated image/ad management, there are not many that offer a simple solution.

Simple Image Link lets you easily add images to your sidebar, be they advertisements, buttons of support or buttons of protest without the need for any HTML.

It even displays its name in the widget header within the dashboard allowing you to easily see which simple image link widget is which.


  • Creating a simple image link widget.

  • How the simple image link appears.


Installing is a piece of cake.

  1. Upload the ‘simple-image-link’ directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Start adding “Simple Image Link” widgets to your sidebars.

Часті питання


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Учасники та розробники

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Журнал змін


Belorussian translations by Ilya [mrilyuha (at) gmail (dot) com]


Reworked to support 2.8 plugin class architecture.

No functional changes made.


Updated to support WordPress 2.8.4.

No functional changes made.

If you are still using WordPress 2.7, please use vesion 2.1.2.


Update readme to reflect 2.7 compatibility.

No functional changes made.


Correctly determine the location of the plugins folder should the ‘Blog address’ and ‘WordPress address’ differ within Settings.

Fixed for Robert@PNG.


Allow widget to be displayed based on the user’s role – inspired by Praveen Baratam [praveen.baratam AT gmail DOT com].
Two psuedo roles added. ‘Do not display’ replaces the “Display image” property, and ‘Not logged in’ to display image should the user not be logged in (ie user does not have a proper role).


Correctly handle <, >, &, ” and ‘ characters within the alt and text fields.


Fixed minor spelling mistake in Portuguese translation – thanks again to Alexandre Pereira.


No functional changes.

Support added for translating the text within the widget via the simple-image-link.pot file.

Translations can now be made external to the core files, allowing upgrades to not affect independent translations.

Thanks to Alexandre Pereira for providing the incentive to do this the Portuguese translations.


Allows image to be hidden without having to delete the widget.


Allows ‘shadowbox’ to be included within the link’s rel attribute value.

NOTE: Shadow Box support must be provided external to this plugin.


Added ability to specify text which appears within the sidebar.


Changes to readme and screen shots.


Initial version.