Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.



Be in touch with your clients through Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Fast, functional and free live-chat service for your website.

Live-chat service for a website where people respond 16 times faster.

Найпростіший чат у світі.

The first ever web-chat service that works directly in your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Receive your web-chat messages directly from a website through your preferred messaging app. Simple set up with incredible functionality.

You will always be online, and you don’t need to install any other applications. All communication is just as simple as a chat with your friends. All settings of your live chat come from your messenger.


We believe, that the more natural we will be with our clients, the more success and fun we get from our work. Re:plain brings your clients next to your friends and family, directly into your messenger. This is magic. When you’ll feel the difference, you’ll change the way you communicate and make this world better.


See the list ofall features.


Unlimited operators
An unlimited number of people who can respond to clients. And you can transfer clients between operators easily.

Template answers
Add and use response templates to save time.

You can set Re:plain to switch On and Off automatically according to your working hours.

Video and audio calls
Sell your products or services by replying to your website visitors via a video. Share details, answer questions and help them to make a choice. Learn more

When you need to make your Re:plain icon match your style — just do it! You can make it any colour. Set up your logo in the chat, change the welcome message.

Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika
Re:plain allows you to send data directly into most popular analytics platforms Google Analytics и Yandex Metrika. Learn more

Zapier Integrations
Connect Re:plain with all the apps you use. Send customer’s info to your CRM, translate on the go or find your own way to be more productive. Connect Re:plain with 2500+ apps using Zapier! Learn more

Sometimes you have to say something really important. To announce a sale or promote a new achievement, highlight your new service or just pay your clients’ attention to a FAQ section. Learn more

Custom Forms
You can gather your visitor’s information you really need in a Customized Forms. If you need some special details from your customers — now you can get it! Learn more

Click to chat
Place a link to open Re:plain anywhere you need. Place it to your text, main MENU or even to an image. Also you can create additional buttons and also place it anywhere you need. Be free! Learn more

Video welcome
To increase the loyalty of your customers, to engage them and to create an unique personal experience of communication with your company there is a Video welcome. In addition to your default welcome message you can add video. It’s simple. Just upload your video on YouTube and set this link to our feature Video welcome. Learn more

Active invitation
You can set preferred time when the first welcome message will be shown to your visitors. Learn more

Operator’s ratings
Let your clients evaluate the quality of your service. Learn more


It is important to us that Re:plain was native for you, because of that, Re:plain has been translated into 22 languages; below is the list of supported languages:

Arabic / العَرَبِيَّة
Bulgarian / Български
Deutsch / Deutsch
Dutch / Nederlands
Chinese / 中文
Czech / Čeština
Hebrew / עִבְרִית
Hindi / हिन्दी
Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesian
Indonesian / Bahasa Melayu
Italian / Italiano
French / Français
Nederlands /
Persian / فارسی
Polish / Polski
Portuguese / Português
Russian / Русский
Romanian / Limba Română
Spanish / Español
Ukrainian / Український
Uzbek / O’zbek tili
Norwegian / Norsk
Swedish / Svenska
Thai/ ภาษาไทย


Simplу. You connect Re:plain to the site, customers write you through the chat form on your site. You are answering them from your own messenger. There is everything you need. We have the communication of your customers with you – quickly, naturally, conveniently.

Re: plain is the first service where you can acquire only those functions that you really need. We constantly connect new modules and features.


Re:plain works anywhere. Re:plain works on any website, CMS and platforms, but not only there. You can integrate it into your mobile application, CRM, support services and ERP. We also provide a Service to Service features, that allows you to add valuable features to your project to boost your and your customer’s revenue.



  1. Завантажте файли плагінів до /wp-content/plugins/replain/ каталог, або безпосередньо встановіть плагін через екран плагінів WordPress.
  2. Активуйте плагін за допомогою \’Plugins\’ екрана в WordPress
  3. Використовуйте Параметри->Replain екран для налаштування плагіна
  4. Натисніть Отримати Токен посилання та дотримуйтесь інструкцій бота
  5. Вставте маркер, отриманий від бота в поле введення маркера та
  6. Натисніть Оновити налаштування кнопку


Thanks for great work and lot of possibilities to change parameters of chat window (color, welcome message, time online/offline, voice callback, chat reviews and lots of…). Very powerful engine, all details manageable over Telegram. Great work!
В день приходит 2-3 спам сообщения от разработчиков, причем они в том же чате, где клиенты. Бесплатного функционала кроме самого чата нет, даже тупо ссылку сделать на чат – уже нужна подписка!
Integration with Zapier must-have! Well done, do more guys!
Very easy and convenient live chat! This is exactly what I needed. Without unnecessary programs, applications and other things. Set up and receive messages from customers. Thanks to the developers!
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“Replain” — проект з відкритим вихідним кодом. В розвиток плагіну внесли свій вклад наступні учасники:


“Replain” було перекладено на 4 локалізації. Дякуємо перекладачам за їх роботу.

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Журнал змін


  • Readme cleanup


  • Added support of the code snippets. Now you can manage how to show Re:plain on particular pages. To see the list of opportunities follow the link: https://replain.cc/faq/show-on-event


  • Small code fixes for better compatibility.


  • Update plugin information.


  • Добавлена ​​поддержка нового формата кода.


  • Додано польську мову.


  • Змінено посилання для з’єднання з ботом


  • Гаряча фіксація. Знести деякі помилки з попередньої версії (змініть можливості користувача).


  • Покращено повідомлення про помилки.


  • Виправлена підтримка PHP 5.4, фіксована технічна специфікація.


  • Додані мовні пакети: російська, арабська, бразильська португальська.


  • Перша стабільна версія плагіна.