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Refiner.io Popup Micro Surveys


Refiner is a customer survey and Net Promoter Score tool built specifically for SaaS companies. Our simple and beautiful survey widgets get you the responses you need to grow your business – on brand and perfectly timed.

With Refiner you can launch pop up surveys and ask your users any question while they are browsing your website. Gradually profile your users, trigger ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns, uncover great sales opportunities, research what to build next, measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), or customer effort score (CES). Refiner comes packed with all the survey tools you need to gain actionable insights.

Refiner integrates into your existing marketing & sales stacks seamlessly. Our integrations allow you to sync survey responses to the tools you already use in real time, such as your CRM, email marketing automation platform, your backend API or good old Excel.

Refiner helps you to understand who your users really are, what they need and how you can help them achieve their goals. Get started for free today and increase conversion & retention rates with better customer data.

This plugin provides a simple installation of Refiner on your WordPress site.


  • Creating a pop-up survey with Refiner is easy and only takes a couple of minutes
  • See all survey responses in one place
  • Refiner offers various integrations to automate workflows and sync survey responses to where you need them


Simple installation

The Refiner plugin can be installed via the WordPress plugin library.

  • Navigate to the “Plugins” section in your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on “Add New” and search for the “Refiner” plugin
  • Install and then activate the plugin

Manual installation

Alternatively, you can also install the Refiner plugin manually:

  1. Download the Refiner plugin as a zip file.
  2. Upload the folder refiner to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Once installed, go to “Settings > Refiner” and enter your Refiner project ID. You can find the project ID in your Refiner Dashboard in the “Settings > Installation” section.

You can find a detailed step-by-step guide in our documenation.

Часті питання

Where can I find more information about Refiner?

You can learn more about Refiner on our website.

Is there a guide somewhere on how to get started with Refiner?

Yes, you can find more information on how to get started in our documentation.

Where can I find Refiner’s Terms of Service?

You can find our Terms of Service here. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Is Refiner compliant with GDPR?

Yes, our Privacy Policy fully respects GDPR.


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