Multisite Language Switcher


A simple, powerful and easy to use plugin that will add multilingual support to a WordPress multisite
installation, i.e. multiple subdomains or folders (if you need to set up multiple sites across multiple domains, you’ll also want to use the WordPress MU
Domain Mapping
plugin as well – as long as the domains are all hosted on the same server.).

The Multisite Language Switcher enables you to manage translations of posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

The plugin uses flag-icons from FamFamFam. Thanks to Mark James for his great work. In addition I would like to thank Jürgen Mayer for creating the plugin’s banner.

Please, don’t forget to rate this plugin! 🙂


Дякуємо всім перекладачам за їх велику роботу.

  • Німецька (de_DE) – Dennis Ploetner
  • Італійська (it_IT) – Antonella Cucinelli
  • Голландська (nl_NL) – Alexandra Kleijn
  • Бразильська Португальська (pt_BR) – Coolweb
  • Іспанська (es_ES) – Andreas Breitschopp
  • Французька (fr_FR) – Andreas Breitschopp
  • Російська (ru_RU) – Andrey Vystavkin
  • Українська (uk) – Victor Melnichenko
  • Хорватська (hr_HR) – Brankec69
  • Румунська (ro_RO) – Armand K
  • Польська (pl_PL) – Kamil Frejlich
  • Литовська (lt_LT) – Ovidijus Pukys
  • Каталонська (ca_ES) – Joan López
  • Чеська (cs_CZ) – Rastr
  • Угорська (hu_HU) – RobiG
  • Грузинська (ka_GE) – Jas Saran
  • Грецька (el) – Christoforos Aivazidis
  • Сербська (sr_RS) – Web Hosting Hub
  • Турецька (tr) – Alican Cakil
  • Вірменська (hy_AM) – Yeghishe Nersisyan
  • Бенгальська (bn_BD) – Md. Nazmul Huda
  • Японська (ja) – ThemeBoy
  • Шведська (sv_SE) – Erik Bernskiold
  • Китайська традиційна, спрощена (zh_CN & zh_TW) – DrBenson
  • Арабська (ar) – Mohamed Elwan
  • Норвезька (nb_NO) – Ibrahim Qraiqe
  • Болгарська (bg_BG) – Vencislav Raev
  • Іспанська мексиканська (es_MX) – Fernando Mata

You can translate this plugin on, or if you prefer and have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send me your gettext PO and MO so that I can
bundle it into the Multisite Language Switcher. You can download the latest POT file
from here.


  • Конфігурація плагіна
  • Перелік записів
  • Редагувати публікацію
  • Віджет


Цей плагін надає 1 блок.

  • Multisite Language Switcher Review the settings for the Multisite Language Switcher plugin, as the block utilizes the API function `the_msls()` for its output.


  • Download the plugin and uncompress it with your preferred unzip programme
  • Copy the entire directory in your plugin directory of your WordPress blog (/wp-content/plugins)
  • Activate the plugin in your plugin administration page (by the network administrator on all the blogs or by the root blog administrator for each particular blog).
  • You need to activate the plugin once in each blog, set the configuration in Settings -> Multisite Language Switcher

Now you can:

  • connect your translated pages and posts in Posts -> Edit or Page -> Edit
  • connect your translated categories and tags in Posts -> Categories or Post -> Tags
  • connect your Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies across languages
  • use the widget, the Gutenberg block, the shortcode [sc_msls] and/or a content_filter which displays a hint to the user if a translation is available
  • find also a shortcode for the widget [sc_msls_widget]
  • optionally you can place the code <?php if ( function_exists( 'the_msls' ) ) the_msls(); ?> directly in your theme files

Review the Multisite Language Switcher Website for more information.

Часті питання

I have no language options in the General settings.

You might read first WordPress in your language.

But I’d like the interface to stay in English.

You can choose the language of the dashboard in the settings of your user profile.

Do I really need a multisite?

It’s up to you – of course. But yes, if you want to use the Multisite Language Switcher.

How can I automatically redirect users based on the browser language?

The Multisite Language Switcher does not redirect the users automatically. I’m not sure if the plugin should do that. You might check out this jQuery plugin or this approach with a theme
if you need such functionality.

How can I add the Multisite Language Switcher to the nav-menu of my blog?

Please check the add-on MslsMenu out.

I want to have the languages in an HTML select. How can I do that?

Please check the add-on MslsSelect out.

I don’t want to upload the same media files for every site. What can I do?

You could try the plugin Network Shared Media. It adds a new tab to the “Add Media” window, allowing you to access the media files in the other sites in your multisite.

Is there a function I can call to get the language of the page the user is currently viewing?

Yes, you should use the WordPress API function get_locale() but you could also use code like that

use lloc\Msls\MslsBlogCollection;

$blog     = MslsBlogCollection::instance()->get_current_blog();
$language = $blog->get_language();

How can I move from WPML to MSLS?

There is a plugin which comes handy in here.


There is a learning curve and i think someone should make a tutorial how to implement the language switcher and menu and how to work with it. But after all a great plugin.
13.11.2023 1 reply
This is a fantastic plugin: it does exactly what promises to do, it’s not bloated with extra features and it’s been around for a long time. I can’t thank the plugin author enough for developing this plugin, maintaining it for years and having the patience to deal with occasional 1-star reviews from people who can’t be bothered to read the docs.
07.11.2023 1 reply
I’m not keen to write reviews, but in this case I was so overwhelmed of this plugin’s simple features and ease of use that I had to. This is by far THE easiest multisite multilanguage plugin I ever tried. Over the years I tested several multilingual approachs (plugins for standalone WP sites, multisite “premium” plugins, country domains, etc.). But this here exceeds all my expectactions for its simplicity. Multilanguage should not be an option in WordPress, but part of the core, out of the box. This plugin deserves a 10 of 10. Two thumbs way up! Thank you for this peace of art.
I am very happy with the plugin’s operation – it is extremely easy to use and does not cause any problems.Works with WordPress Multisite great! However, there is a feature missing from the plugin that has already been popping up on the web, namely support for reciprocal hreflang (return tag: which is missing Missing x-default). When I audit any page with this plugin, I get “Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag)”, you can find info at Ahrefs site “”Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag)” error in Site Audit” I will be very grateful if this functionality is added :)As I can see this needs to add one line of code 🙂 Greeting from PolandPaweł
highly customizable, high performance, indispensable – thanks a lot. theo
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