HivePress – Універсальний WordPress плагін для каталогів, агрегаторів і класифайдів


HivePress це розширюваний, високо настроюваний, легкий у використанні плагін, який дозволяє вам створювати будь-які види каталогів, агрегаторів і класифайдів.

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Немає різниці, створюєте ви каталог компаній, сайт пошуку роботи або нерухомості, дошку оголошень або практично будь-який агрегатор – HivePress це відмінний вибір.

Безкоштовна тема

HivePress comes with a free ListingHive theme that is fully compatible with HivePress and its official extensions.

Безкоштовні розширення

There’s a bunch of free extensions that can be installed with 1 click directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Authentication — Allow users to sign in via third-party services.
  • Favorites — Allow users to keep a list of favorite listings.
  • Messages — Allow users to send private messages.
  • Geolocation — Allow users to search listings by location.
  • Reviews — Allow users to rate and review listings.
  • Claim Listings — Charge users for claiming listings.
  • Paid Listings — Charge users for adding listings.

Безкоштовна підтримка

We provide free support that includes fixing reported bugs and answering questions about HivePress. Join our community forum to share your suggestions and help us keep HivePress awesome!


Simple, Clean and Flexible Directory Plugin. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
Very good plugin. I recommend to everyone. The only big drawback is the integration with Woocommerce. If there will be an opportunity to monetize sites without Woocommerce then the Hive themes and the HivePress plugin will be the number 1 application in e-commerce on WordPress.
As a professional, I've always wanted to have my own platform of experts. You havee made that possible! I could never say enough thank you to you. The themes and plugins are simple and effective. Most importantly you are reachable and your customer services is excellent. An excellent product coupled with excellent service is rare. Thank you very much for making our dreams come true.
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