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Gravity Forms CLI Add-On


The Gravity Forms CLI Add-On allows WP-CLI users to manage forms and entries and more on the command line.


Form Management

Entry Management

Getting started

  • wp help gf
  • wp help gf form
  • wp help gf form field
  • wp help gf form notification
  • wp help gf entry
  • wp help gf entry notification
  • wp help gf install
  • wp help gf setup
  • wp help gf license
  • wp help gf tool

Form Management

wp gf form [command]


  • create – Creates a new form.
  • delete – Deletes a form.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a form.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the Form configuration.
  • export – Exports forms to a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • form_list – Lists the forms with entry count and view counts.
  • get – Returns the form JSON.
  • import – Imports forms from a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • update – Updates a form.

Field Management

  • wp gf form field [command]
  • wp gf field [command] (alias)


  • create – Creates a field and adds it to a form.
  • delete – Deletes a field.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a field.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the Field configuration.
  • get – Returns the JSON representation of a field.
  • list – Displays a list of fields for a form.
  • update – Updates a field.

Notification Management

  • wp gf form notification [command]
  • wp gf notification [command] (alias)


  • create – Creates a new notification.
  • delete – Deletes a notification.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a notification.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the notification configuration.
  • list – Lists the notification.
  • get – Returns the notification JSON.
  • update – Updates a notification.

Entry Management

wp gf entry [command]


  • create – Creates a new entry from either a JSON string with the raw entry or from field-value pairs.
  • delete – Deletes an entry.
  • duplicate – Duplicates an entry
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the JSON representation of the Entry.
  • export – Exports entries.
  • get – Returns a JSON representation of an entry.
  • import – Imports entries.
  • list – Displays a list of entries.
  • update – Updates an entry.

Entry Notifications

wp gf entry notification [command]


  • get – Returns the notifications for the given entry.
  • send – Sends the notifications for the given entry.

License Management

wp gf license [command]


  • update – Updates the license key for the installation.
  • delete – Deletes the license key for the installation.

Misc Tools

wp gf tool [command]


  • clear-transients
  • empty-trash Delete the trashed entries.
  • verify-checksums Verify Gravity Forms files against the checksums.
  • system-report Outputs the system report from the Forms > System Status page. Supports “status” as an alias.

Installing Gravity Forms and Add-Ons

The above commands all require Gravity Forms to be installed. However, if Gravity Forms is not installed then you can use this add-on to install it along with all the other official Gravity Forms add-ons.

The install command will download and install the latest version Gravity Forms available for auto-update and then run the database setup. The license key will be saved in the plugin settings.

A valid license key is required either in the GF_LICENSE_KEY constant or the --key option.


  • wp gf install --key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install --key=xxxxx --activate
  • wp gf install gravityformspolls --key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install gravityformsquiz --key=xxxxx

Once installed, the database can be set up or upgraded separately using the setup command. The command will not re-run the setup unless the --force flag is set.


  • wp gf setup
  • wp gf setup --force

Gravity Forms and official add-ons can be updated using the update command.


  • wp gf update
  • wp gf update gravityformspolls

Check the current version using the version command.


  • wp gf version
  • wp gf version gravityformspolls


  1. WordPress 4.2+
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. WP-CLI version 1.0+


If you find anything that needs fixing please open a support ticket at https://www.gravityforms.com/open-support-ticket/

If you have any ideas for improvements please submit your idea at https://www.gravityforms.com/gravity-forms-roadmap/


wp plugin install gravityformscli –activate or

  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Extract and upload the contents of the folder to /wp-contents/plugins/ folder
  3. Go to the Plugin management page of WordPress admin section and enable the ‘Gravity Forms CLI’ plugin


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Rocket don't give support The plugin destory my website after try to uninstall - but THEY DON'T CARE! Don't use it...
a great timesaver when bootstrapping a fresh install with WP-CLI, I'm assembling a library of previous form exports and then running the required imports as part of my setup batch file.
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Журнал змін


  • Fixed an issue where the version comparison performed when using wp gf update with an add-on slug uses the Gravity Forms version number.
  • Added support for using --version=beta with the wp gf install and wp gf update commands. Add-On beta releases are not currently supported.
  • Fixed a fatal error which can occur when using the wp gf version command with an add-on slug when Gravity Forms is not active or not installed.


  • Fixed an error occurring when using the wp gf form notification create command.


  • Updated Gravity API domain.
  • Updated the ids format of the wp gf entry list command to support the page-size and offset args. Credit: Ulrich Pogson.
  • Updated the form export command to support the optional filename arg e.g. wp gf form export 1 --filename=testing.json. Credit: Timothy Decker.
  • Fixed an issue where the wp gf install command could not network activate plugins.
  • Fixed an error occurring when using the wp gf form notification update command without the notification-id arg.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf entry export command.


  • Added support for start_date and end_date filters for the entry export command. e.g. wp gf entry export 11 --start_date="2018-11-01" --end_date="2018-11-11"
  • Added the wp gf tool system-report command and the wp gf tool status alias for outputting the system report from the Gravity Forms 2.2+ System Status page.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf install command ending with an error message when no error occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where old messages could continue to be displayed in the admin following a license key change.
  • Fixed an “invalid synopsis part” warning and an “unknown parameter” error with the wp gf form field update command.
  • Fixed the wp gf form update command using the wrong argument to get the existing form which could result in a form not found error.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf form create command where missing field IDs are added automatically.


  • Added the wp gf license command.
  • Fixed an issue with updating forms from an export file.


  • Added the --file arg to the wp gf form update command to allow forms to be updated from an export file.
  • Fixed a fatal error when using the install command.


  • Added the wp gf form notification command.
  • Added the wp gf entry notification command.
  • Added the wp gf version command.
  • Added the wp gf update command.
  • Updated the install and update commands to download the latest hotfix version by default.
  • Fixed an issue with wp gf form export <form-id> where the form ID is ignored.


  • Updated the install command to pass the --force value to the setup command.
  • Updated the output when forcing the setup.


  • Added the wp gf setup command
  • Fixed an issue with the install command where the database was not setup until visiting the WP dashboard.
  • Updated the WP-CLI requirement to 1.0+


  • Added support for the WP-CLI package index.
  • Fixed entry export.


  • All new!