Filter Everything — Product Filter & WordPress Filter


The most universal filters plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce.
It filters any post types and by any criteria. Allows you to sort results and search by key phrase. Compatible with page builders.


Please see demos of filtering for Clothing, Smartphones, Posts and others.

Key features

  • Filters any post types
  • Supports any filtering criteria
  • Easy integration on a page using Widgets or Shortcodes
  • Compatible with almost all page builders
  • Contains a lot of useful filter options
  • Supports search by keyword
  • Allows you to sort filtered results by any criteria
  • Supports color swatches and brand logos
  • Покрокова фільтрація
  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts, columns
  • Works in both “Submit button” and “Auto-submission” modes
  • Ready to use on mobile devices
  • Compatible with translation plugins WPML, Polylang
  • Підтримує AJAX
  • Contains hooks and features for developers

Find more detailed information about each feature below

Watch the video review from WPTuts

PRO version 💎 features

  • Filtering any Post loops/grids (any Custom WP Queries)
  • Ability to use Filters on any page including Singular
  • Full compatibility with Page builders like Elementor example, Oxygen, Divi, WPBakery Composer etc
  • Enhanced SEO options example that allows you to adjust SEO data for the filtering pages
  • Clean URLs and Permalinks like /color-blue/brand-acer/ example. Full control over filtering page URLs
  • Premium Support
    Learn more About the PRO version.

Фільтрує все у WordPress та WooCommerce

Тобто будь-які типи дописів, включаючи товари WooCommerce і кастомні типи. Наприклад товари, дописи, сторінки, рецепти, квартири, автомобілі і так далі – будь-які.

Фільтрує за будь-якими критеріями

Це Категорії, Теги, кастомні Таксономії, атрибути WooCommerce, додаткові поля включаючи створені за допомогою ACF, Автори та інші.

No need to list all possible filters you can create — they can be any, but most popular are:
Price, Sale price
Product Category, Tag
Custom Taxonomy
Custom Fields including created with ACF plugin
Size, Color – any WooCommerce attributes
Width, Height, Length, Weight
On sale status
In Stock status
Downloadable, Backordered, Featured product statuses
Product type
Shipping Class
Product Visibility
Featured image exists/not exists
Views count
Post or Product date
– Cooking time
– Calories
– … any

Widgets and shortcodes

Filters, Sorting field and Chips (selected filters) can be inserted on a page as widgets or shortcodes
This allows you easily to integrate filters on your site independently from a theme or page builder you use.

Page builders

The plugin is compatible with almost all page builders. It was tested with Elementor, Divi, Themify, WPBakery Composer, Oxygen, Beaver builder, Bricks Builder, Breakdance etc.
As the Free version of the plugin supports filtering of the native WordPress loops (Main WP_Query) only, the full support of the page builders is provided in the PRO version.

Fine-tuning filter options

Including URL variable names, views, filtering logic, term sorting, collapsing/expanding, hierarchy, more/less, tooltip, search field, related filters, and more…

Search by keyword field

Allows you to search among filtered results and vice versa – to filter results received from search.

Sorting field

Allows you to create a list of own sorting parameters and to place Sorting field anywhere on your site.

Supports Color swatches and Brand logos

Allows you to make filter terms more visible

Режими “Автовідправка” та “кнопка Застосувати”

“Auto-submission” – filter updates results every time, when you choose option.
Apply button” – allows you to select desired criteria and updates results after click on the Submit button only.

Step-by-Step filtering

Allows you to display only particular Filter terms in dependency from selection of another Filter.

Vertical and horizontal layouts, columns

You can display Filters widget in sidebar or above the filtered posts

Compatibility with translation plugins

Allows you to translate filters with WPML, Polylang and use them in other languages

Підтримує AJAX

Thus your visitors can faster to filter without reloading of the whole page.

Compatible with popular Themes and Plugins

Сумісний з WPML, ACF, Polylang та іншими популярними. Підтримує кольорові схеми і дозволяє легко поєднати з дизайном вашого сайту

Filtering values in any languages

Among them Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi etc

Made for developers

Supports hooks, useful functions and templates overriding to allow developers to customize as they like


  • Загальний вигляд фільтрів
  • Фільтрування Смартфонів
  • Вигляд на мобільних
  • Набір фільтрів
  •  Налаштування фільтра
  • Налаштування префіксів URL


Завантаження через адмінку WordPress
1. В адмінці WordPress перейдіть на Плагіни > Додати новий > Завантажити плагін
2. Виберіть zip-файл плагіну та завантажте його
3. Встановіть та активуйте плагін
4. Після встановлення ви знайдете новий пункт меню «Фільтри»
5. Перегляньте документацію для швидкого старту

Встановлення через FTP
1. Завантажте zip файл плагіну Filter Everything
2. Розпакуйте архів та завантажте папку «filter-everything» у /wp-content/plugins/
3. Активуйте плагін на сторінці «Плагіни»
4. Після встановлення ви знайдете новий пункт меню «Фільтри»
5. Перегляньте документацію для швидкого старту

Часті питання

Як отримати підтримку?

Ви можете спробувати знайти вирішення вашої проблеми в документації до плагіну або попросити допомоги на форумі підтримки. Користувачі Filter Everything PRO можуть отримати інформацію про преміум-підтримку на цій сторінці.

Віджет фільтрів не відображається на сторінці

Зазвичай, якщо віджет фільтрів не відображається на сторінці, ви повинні:
1. Перевірити, чи віджет фільтрів знаходить в правильному сайдбарі (області віджетів) для цієї сторінки.
2. Перевірити, чи тип допису в Наборі фільтрів відповідає типу дописів цієї сторінки.
3. Перевірити, чи значення опції «Де фільтрувати?» Набору фільтрів відповідає цій сторінці.
4. Перевірити, чи не пусті всі терми фільтрів і містять хоча б один допис.
А також прочитайте будь-ласка цю статтю.

Не працює AJAX

З темами WordPress, які створені у відповідності до стандартів, AJAX працює автоматично. Але якщо у вас все ж виникають проблеми, перевірте будь-ласка налаштування AJAX згідно з цією статтею.


15.05.2024 1 reply
The free version of this plugin does not work for 99% of use cases. Does not work with block query loop unless its on an archive page.
Thank you, the free version works very well for simple yet important tasks. Hopefully I will soon upgrade as soon as my business starts going. Thank you Victor for the support with WPML!
02.05.2024 2 replies
it only allows you to show filter in all archive pages which is totally useless as most people would want the filter to be applied on a particular page. I saw that it used to be available but the author probably got greedy and shifted it to a paid version. The plugin doesn’t do the basic thing it’s supposed to do hence I’m giving it 1 star. Hopefully the author consider making an update to make it available to atleast make it useful for the feature it’s supposed to fulfill.
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Журнал змін


Release Date – 08 April 2024
* Dev – Tested and improved compatibility with WordPress 6.5
* Fix – Fixed issue with preview products in draft status and PHP > 8.2
* Fix – Fixed JS error occurred on type in the Search field input
* Fix – Issue with incorrect attribute ‘for’ in the Filters Widget title label


Release Date – 14 February 2024
* Fix – Added compatibility with PHP > 8.1, removed FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING error
* Fix – Fixed bug with Date view available by default in a filter
* Fix – Fixed the issue with products with empty ‘_sale_price’ meta values and wrong On sale counters
* Fix – Fixed issue with a parent filter, when current WordPress term archive page is selected term in the parent filter
* Fix – Fixed bug when the only Search Field presents in a Filter Set
* Fix – Fixed issue with double click on the Apply Button after using the Search Field
* Fix – Set correct permissions for the /assets dir
* Tweak – Added hook ‘wpc_plugin_user_caps’ to allow to modify user roles that can use the plugin
* Tweak – Made AJAX loading circle thinner


Release Date – 10 January 2024
* Dev – Added new filter type by Post Date
* Tweak – Made Numeric Range filters collapsible
* Fix – Fixed warning message on the login screen
* Fix – Fixed issue with resetting filters cache
* Fix – Renamed ‘wpc_clean’ function to ‘flrt_clean’ to avoid conflicts


Release Date – 14 December 2023
* Tweak – Added global variable $flrt_plugin to access the class
* Fix – Fixed the issue with double SEO titles and SEO Rules entities on block themes
* Fix – Fixed issue with term_taxonomy_id and taxonomy filter counters
* Fix – Fixed Select2 CSS conflict in Woocommerce admin forms


Release Date – 01 August 2023
* Dev – Added Spanish translation
* Dev – Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.3
* Fix – Added hook ‘wpc_do_filter_request’ to the collectFilteredPostsIds(); method to fix term counter
* Fix – Fixed hover “checked” effect for Color swatches on mobile devices
* Fix – Improved On Sale and Regular price translations for the On Sale filter
* Tweak – Added hook ‘wpc_set_min_max’ to modify the $min_and_max array
* Tweak – Sorted Filter terms alphabetically for greater convenience


Release Date – 19 June 2023
* Tweak – Added the “How to?” Meta box on the Filter Set edit screen for quick help with popular questions
* Tweak – Added German translation. Thanks to Daniel (microteq)
* Tweak – Added support for multi-currency for the WOOCS and CURCY plugins
* Fix – Fixed posts search count for the search by SKU


Release Date – 26 May 2023
* Fix – Fixed missing styles on Color swatches and logos edit pages in dashboard


Release Date – 25 May 2023
* Fix – Fixed bug when the Apply button does not appear on frontend in the latest position of the Filter Set
* Fix – Fixed bug with negative numbers for Numeric filters
* Fix – Fixed bug with JS alert for mobile Pop-up widget when AJAX is disabled
* Tweak – Replaced /page/ with $wp_query->pagination_base in permalinks


Release Date – 08 May 2023
* Fix – Fixed fatal error in wpc-utility-functions.php(279): flrt_get_post_type_location_terms();


Release Date – 08 May 2023
* Dev – Added Search field in the Filters widget. It is compatible with filtered posts, supports AJAX and allows to search by SKU among Woo products
* Fix – Fixed fatal error in FiltersWidget.php(32): extract()
* Tweak – Added filter get terms hooks to allow to select terms from external tables
* Tweak – Added hook ‘widget_title’ for all widget titles
* Tweak – Added hook ‘wpc_do_filter_request’ to handle every filter action for wp_query
* Tweak – Added hooks ‘wpc_all_set_wp_queried_posts’
* Tweak – Added notice, when “CSS id or class of the Posts Container” configured wrong


Release Date – 14 March 2023
* Dev – Added [fe_posts_found] shortcode to display filtered posts number
* Fix – Fixed bug with “+” symbol in ACF fields
* Tweak – Optimized main CSS file
* Tweak – Disabled including assets on pages does not related with filters
* Tweak – Improved frontend for the RTL version
* Tweak – Removed Uncategorized from Category pages list
* Tweak – Improved filter templates. Overridden templates should be updated


Release Date – 03 February 2023
* Tweak – Added columns parameter to the [fe_widget] shortcode
* Fix – Fixed notice about Undefined array key “cols_count”


Release Date – 31 January 2023
* Dev – Added checkbox “Horizontal layout” for the Filters widget and option with columns number
* Tweak – Improved compatibility with PHP > 8.0
* Fix – Fixed CSS bug with Show more/Show less and Search field
* Fix – Fixed bug with Chips that sometimes disappeared with enabled AJAX feature


Release Date – 04 January 2023
* Fix – Fixed bug with undefined variables data_default, data_color and wrapper_class


Release Date – 02 January 2023
* Dev – Added Color Swatches support and improved Brand logo support
* Tweak – Added hook ‘wpc_filter_classes’ to handle filter classes
* Tweak – Added sorting by Menu order for Product Categories
* Tweak – Added hooks ‘wpc_unset_num_shift’ and ‘wpc_set_num_shift’ for numeric filters to allow shifting
* Tweak – Added support for the Woodmart brand images
* Fix – Fixed bug with untranslatable post type and Custom Field, Custom Field Num filters
* Fix – Fixed bug with opened filters widget on 768px screens


Release Date – 30 September 2022
* Dev – Added Show more/Show less toggle for filters
* Tweak – Added hooks to make opened by default Folding, Hierarchy and Show more/Show less filters
* Tweak – Optimized JavaScript code to increase speed of AJAX requests
* Tweak – Added hook ‘wpc_dropdown_default_option’ to modify default option name in the dropdown view.
* Fix – Hide Show hierarchy field for non-taxonomy filters and for inappropriate views
* Fix – Fixed bug for Numeric filters when Min and Max values were incorrect


Release Date – 31 August 2022
* Tweak – Reduced Chips size

See changelog for all versions.