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dydu chatbots


Interested in implementing a conversational strategy that will enhance your customer or employee relationship in a cost-effective way? Look no further than our DyduPress chatbot plugin, giving you access to one of the most-advanced chatbot solutions on the market.

The dydu software is the result of a decade of research in artificial intelligence and uses its own proprietary natural language processing algorithm to create a naturally flowing conversation with your users. With its user-intuitive interface, our chatbot building platform makes it easy to create, manage and monitor your chatbot.

Integrate the best AI-powered chatbot to your WordPress website for free in just a few clicks! No programming skills needed.

To get started: activate the free DyduPress plugin and then go to your DyduPress Settings page to set up your API key.

All our bots are GDPR-compliant.

Why deploy a dydu chatbot to your WordPress website?

Our chatbots are perfect for small and medium business owners eager to engage with their customers. They can help public sector organisations such as local authorities better communicate with their community. They’re also an excellent way for companies to build a better employee experience by providing instant answers on topics such as HR, IT, legal, procurement.

Here are a few benefits of embedding a dydu chatbot on your website:
* Increase user satisfaction by providing instant answers 24/7
* Help your support team (customer services, HR, IT, etc.) focus on higher value tasks by reducing the number of incoming calls and emails
* Build a customer-centric, innovative brand image
* Optimise costs

Main product features

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Compatible with various platforms (website, phone apps, messaging, intranet)
  • Self-learning through automatic suggestions for improvement based on user/bot interactions
  • Can be connected to your information system via APIs for a better user experience
  • Analytics to monitor the bot’s performance, conversations and user satisfaction
  • SaaS interface accessible 24/7 on any web browser

What do people have to say about dydu ?

”Dydu was able to provide complete coverage of our specifications, offering a solution adapted to our needs. The chatbot has reduced the number of calls to the call centers : it manages on average 30,000 conversations per month with a success rate of 85%” – Maxim Garcia, Project Manager at Agirc-Arrco

”The chatbot offers an additional service that is available 24/7 to users, including when the Support Service Desk is overwhelmed with calls. The dydu solution makes it possible to set up a high-quality chatbot that integrates seamlessly in any intranet or website” – Marc Pasquet, Head of support and user assistance at Harmonie Mutuelle

Часті питання

What is dydu?

dydu is an editor of automated conversational software that provides a chatbot building platform for small and medium companies to provide 24/7 answers to users and enhance their customer or employee relationship.

How to install a dydu chatbot on my website?

Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/dydupress directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Use the Settings->dydu screen and click on “Link with dydu”

Do I need coding or technical skills to use the DyduPress plugin or sorftware?

No programming skills are needed when using our plugin or solution. We provide a user-friendly platform so that you can easily create, manage and monitor your chatbot without the need for technical knowledge or expertise.

My question is not listed

Please visit our website self.dydu.ai for more information or contact us on contact@dydu.ai.


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