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Ultimate WordPress Preloader


This plugin allow you to easy add animated preloader to your WordPress based website.

  • 5 Animated Preloader styles created with pure CSS3 (no images used!)
  • 4 available Preloader sizes for every style in Preloader Control Panel
  • Powerful Preloader Control Panel with live preview and live preloader customizer
  • Plugin work with ANY theme
  • Crossbrowser compatibility (work smooth in any modern browser)
  • 100% Responsive all plugin elements and pages
  • Detailed Documentation guide included
  • Translation ready (PO/MO files included)
  • Optimized for Extra fast work
  • Work on mobile/touch devices
  • Retina support

This is a Free light version of Ultimate WordPress Preloader.

Purchase PRO version to get this amazing features:

  • 53 animated Preloader styles (4 sizes for each)
  • 29 animated GIF Preloader styles (3 sizes for each)
  • Preloader color changer (Unlimited colors)
  • Preloader background color changer (Unlimited colors)
  • Upload your own image to use as preloader
  • Detailed Documentation guide
  • Free Plugin updates and dedicated support

Live Demo

Ultimate WordPress Preloader plugin Live Demo: http://plugins.wp-preview.com/wordpress-preloader/

Pro Version

To Buy Pro Version Please Click Here


  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3


Install and activate plugin. Then manage Settings in “Settings > Ultimate Preloader”.

Часті питання

Have any questions about plugin usage?

Read plugin Documentation.


Your plugin create a problem in admin panel. If you install autootimize every time you open ad admin page it will be reload twice!! This is because you load your css and js in every page of admin panel!! I have only your plugin that loads all the stuff in EVERY page of the admin panel. Pls fix!
I thought it was a joke when a review said the ‘buy the premium plugin’ prompt took over a lot of space. No – it really does. It takes up 2/3rds of your admin dashboard, AND it does not respect the option to turn it off. Removed.
In the free version you get a “window” in every wordpress menu telling you the benefits of buying the full version. Even if you click the “close” button it will show again when you reload the wordpress menu. And in my opinion only 1 preloader is worth using in the free version. I also miss the option to only enable the preloader on the frontpage.
We get that you have a ‘pro’ upgrade – I would’ve seriously considered purchasing, however; the nagging, persistent ‘upgrade’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘website hosting’ messages that continually offend my dashboard with clutter – even after I’ve clicked to ‘hide’ / ‘don’t show message again’ – are just awful and showcase the worst kind of marketing imaginable. This, any of your themes and any other plugins of yours won’t ever see a dime from me unfortunately.
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