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Copy Anything to Clipboard: the #1 WordPress Copy to Clipboard plugin

Add a copy button anywhere and simply copy it into the clipboard (📋).

You can copy to clipboard: code snippets, special symbols, discount codes, or anything which you want.

By default, the copy button is added to the <pre> tag. You can easily change the pre tag selector with any other selector. You can read more about selector.

Just use the shortcode as:

[copy]hello world[/copy]

Above shortcode show the link with text “Copy” and on click on that link the text “hello world” copied into the clipboard.

We see the text “Copied” after clicking on the link which indicate user something is copied to clipboard.

See short video:

Thats it.

If you want to show the button instead of link then use:
[copy tag=”button”]hello world[/copy]

Read more at copy with shortcode.

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Over 4k+ users are empowering their websites with “Copy Anything to Clipboard” – 100% compatible for all themes and plugins.

Reasons why people love the Copy Anything to Clipboard

  • Zero configuration
  • Easy to use
  • Copy with shortcode
  • Customization options
  • Quick support

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Bug reports

Bug reports for “Copy Anything to Clipboard” are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that are not properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

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  1. Install the Copy Anything to Clipboard plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.

Часті питання

How does it Works?

After plugin install and activate, By default on front-end the Copy button is added for all the <pre> tags.

On click on it the content within the pre tags is copy in clipboard.

How to use shortcode?

How to change the default link with a button, heading, or different tag?

To change the default copy link use the shortcode attribute “tag”. E.g.

To show the button use shortcode:

[copy tag='button']

To show the h1 heading use shortcode:

[copy tag='h1']

See short video

Some examples:

  1. Copy the hidden text.
  1. Diffetn copy text.
[copy text="Copy the Text"]12345[/copy]
  1. Diffetn copied text.
[copy text="Copy the Text" text="Text Copied!"]12345[/copy]
  1. Show the copy link as a button
[copy text="Copy the Text" text="Text Copied!" tag="button"]12345[/copy]
  1. Show the copy link as a button
[copy text="Copy the Text" text="Text Copied!" tag="h2"]12345[/copy]
  1. Copy the footer text
[copy target="#colophon"]
  1. Copy the footer text
[copy target="#colophon"]
  1. Copy the footer markup/HTML
[copy target="#colophon" copy-as="html"]

What is the selector?

Selector is the target element in which we want to add the copy button. It should be any valid CSS selector.

Read more about selectors »

Some Examples of Selectors?

Lets check below some selectors which are valid to use:

  • pre – Copy button added all the pre tags.
  • .single pre – Copy button added only if its parent have CSS class .single.
  • #my-account-section-1 pre – Copy button added only if its parent have CSS class #my-account-section-1.

Read more about selectors »

Can I change the copied content?

Yes, By default the content are copied as HTML. We can change it as Text so content copied without HTML tags.

Can I default copy button string’s?

Yes, We can change the default strings of the button text, button copied text and the title of the button too.

Can I change the copy button position?

Yes, By default the button is added within the selector. But, We can change it outside the selector.

Can I change the selector with filter?

Yes, We can use the copy_the_code_localize_vars selector to change the currently stored selector.


add_filter( 'copy_the_code_localize_vars', 'my_slug_copy_the_code_localize_vars' );
function my_slug_copy_the_code_localize_vars( $defaults )
    // `single class is added to the `` tag for the single page, post etc.
    $defaults['selector'] = 'body.single pre';

    return $defaults;   

Is plugin compatible for all the themes?

Yes, We have added !important for the Copy button to keep the button style same for each theme. We have tested below themes.


It is recommended to change the function shortcode_markup() in class-copy-the-code-shortcode.php text & copied-text becomes a localized string to allow users to customize the default translation in the [copy] shortcode 'text' => __('Copy','copy-the-code'), 'copied-text' => __('Copied!','copy-the-code'), In addition, it is also recommended to provide an interface for users to customize the style of [copy] (do not let for users to CSS to process)
Great little plugin. Works in WPBakery too, unlike a couple of competitors I've tested today. An option to display the 'Copy' button in different locations would be nice (e.g. below the code box).
A two-year issue still plagues this plugin. It still tacks on 'COPY' text at the end of the copied text...making it a bit useless if the copied text really isn't the copied text but a flawed version of it.
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Журнал змін


  • New – Added shortcode [copy] to copy the content. E.g. [copy]12345[/copy]. Read more at


  • Improvement – Compatibility to WordPress 5.7.


  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_localize_vars to allow to copy the content as HTMl instead of text.


  • Tweak: Create a new post copy to clipboard post depends on the old user settings.
  • Deprecated: Removed the filter copy_the_code_enabled which is no more useful.
  • Deprecated: Removed the option Copy the content which is no more useful. Will add the support though filter if required.
  • New: Added custom post type support to add multiple copy to clipboard buttons with different selectors and styles.
  • New: Improve the UI with live preview.
  • New: Added the new SVG Icon button style to show the SVG icon instead of button.
  • New: Added inside and outside position support for the new style SVG Icon.
  • New: Added the new Cover style to copy the small element in which we could not add the copy button. Such as Emoji and Symbols.


  • New: Set the Copy Content As default option with text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <br> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <div> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <p> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Converted the <li> tags into the new line if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Improvements: Remove the white spaces and trim the content if the option “Copy Content As” selected as Text.
  • Fix: Copy the content as text works different on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.


  • Fix: The <br> tag converted into the next line. Select the Text from option Copy Content As. Reported by Konrad.
  • Fix: Single level selector copies the selector in the clipboard. Reported by Seb.


  • Fix: Nested selectors was not working due to mismatch the copy button position.


  • Fix: The <br> tags was not copied as new line. Reported by @psanger.


  • Improvement: Removed unwanted code.


  • Improvement: Updated Freemius SDK library with version 2.3.2.
  • Improvement: Added the latest new section.
  • Fix: The submit button is not visible form the settings page. Reported by Nicolas Tizio


  • New: Added General & Style tabs.


  • Improvement: Added WordPress 5.4 compatibility.


  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_default_page_settings to change the default page settings.
  • New: Added filter copy_the_code_page_settings to change the page settings.


  • New: Added option ‘Button Text’ to set the default button text. Default ‘Copy’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Copy Text’ to set the button text after click on copy. Default ‘Copied!’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Title’ to set the default button title which appear on hover on button. Default ‘Copy to Clipboard’.
  • New: Added option ‘Button Position’ to set the button position. Inside or outside the selector. Default ‘inside’.
  • Improvement: Added support for Internet Explorer devices. Reported by @rambo3000


  • Fix: Added support for IOS devices. Reported by @radiocure1


  • New: Added option ‘Copy Content As’ to copy the content as either HTML or Text.


  • Improvement: Updated the strings and compatibility for WordPress 5.0.


  • New: Added support, contact links.


  • New: Added settings page for customizing the plugin. Added option selector to set the JS selector. Default its <pre> html tag.


  • Fix: Removed Copy button markup from the copied content from the clipboard.


  • Initial release.