Bricks Element Manager


Bricks Element Manager provides a simple way to deactivate/activate Bricks elements from WP admin.

This simple plugin is useful for deactivating all the elements that are not in use, which makes it easier to find the required elements.

To deactivate an element, search for its name in the search bar and click the Deactivate button. The element will be deactivated instantly, and a notification will appear in the bottom left corner of the page.

Key Features Of Bricks Element Manager

  1. Search bar to search for the elements easily
  2. Option to deactivate/activate all elements at once
  3. Instantly activates or deactivates elements without reloading the page

About Us

Bricks Element Manager is built for the users of Bricks Builder by BloomPixel. BloomPixel is an exclusive WP design and development agency with over 11 years of experience. We are the makers of

  1. Max Addons for Bricks
  2. PowerPack for Elementor


  • Settings page with all activated elements
  • Settings page with some of the deactivated elements


  1. Install and activate Bricks Element Manager
  2. Go to WP admin > Bricks > Element Manager page.
  3. Select the elements that you want to deactivate/activate
  4. That’s all.

Часті питання

Will deactivating an element remove the content from my site?

No. The elements are removed/unregistered only from Bricks Builder interface.

Why should I deactivate elements?

Deactivating the elements will make it easier for you to find only the required elements.


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Журнал змін

1.0.0 – April 24, 2024

  • Initial release