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BigCommerce for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to scale ecommerce further than ever before on WordPress. Scale your business with WordPress on the front-end and free up server resources from things like catalog management, processing payments, managing fulfillment logistics and more with BigCommerce on the back end.

Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, you get access to our native ecommerce features from a single plugin, the ability to sell across multiple channels and marketplaces from a single location, and best of all, an embedded checkout experience that takes on PCI compliance and customer security on your behalf.


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Dive into how you set up and customize your online store with BC4WP using our guides here:

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We’ve taken a very different approach to ecommerce in WordPress. We set out to build our plugin the WordPress Way: deliver value to the community, build it with WordPress experts and make something developers can call their own.

The BigCommerce for WordPress plugin leverages the best aspects of both platforms, allowing WordPress to manage content and BigCommerce to manage ecommerce.


Continue to tap into the unrestricted customization of WordPress while pairing it with the most scalable SaaS ecommerce engine. BigCommerce lets you build complex catalogs, manage large volumes of concurrent traffic, orders and analytics.

The BigCommerce plugin ports over a copy of your product catalog and stores products as custom post types in WordPress. It also creates pages for your cart, checkout, account profiles, sign in, shipping & returns, gift certificates and order history.

The key difference to our approach is that you don’t need to install additional extensions to get access to common ecommerce features. Instead, you get instant access to many common (and advanced) features, such as complex catalog support, global payment gateways, currency handling, taxation, shipping calculations and centralized channel management; all out-of-the-box.


Our philosophy is that processing orders and running your store shouldn’t affect the uptime and speed of your site — which can hurt your SEO, conversion, and brand. The BigCommerce plugin does the heavy commerce lifting, letting you scale your ecommerce without losing speed or uptime.


Taking on your own PCI compliance comes with a huge amount of liability and risk. BigCommerce powers the full checkout experience, assuming the burden of PCI compliance for you.


BigCommerce has over 65 payment gateway integrations available out-of-the box, serving 100+ countries and over 250 local payment methods.

To help you reduce costs, we’ve pre-negotiated special credit and debit card processing rates with PayPal, our preferred payment solution. The more you grow with BigCommerce and upgrade your plan, the lower your rates can go.


BigCommerce is built for large, complex catalogs with up to 600 SKUs per product, and 250 product values for a single option. Our native catalog structure treats single products (including variants, details, SKUs, etc.) as a single API call, making inventory syncing with ERPs, PIMs (and WordPress) fast.


With the core BigCommerce platform, you now have access within the control panel to sell across multiple marketplaces simultaneously, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Square and more! Save time and eliminate errors and overselling with bulk listing, automatic inventory syncing and unified order and fulfillment management.


BigCommerce for WordPress will work with any WordPress theme, but it may require some styling to make it fit perfectly. Are you a theme developer? We’d love to promote your BigCommerce for WordPress compatible theme. Get in touch with us here.

To start, we recommend choosing a cross-browser compatible WordPress ecommerce theme, since the theme options included will better match what an online store requires.


We’re big supporters of Gutenberg and built our plugin to support both the classic editor and Gutenberg. Whether you’re inserting shortcodes in classic mode or product blocks in Gutenberg, we will continue to enable support for both.


In addition to offering you peace of mind with a secure checkout experience, we also extend this level of security to your shoppers, their accounts and logins, and payment information — all managed by BigCommerce.


We support all major global carriers, offer real-time carrier quotes, allow for free shipping, flat rates, dropshipping and more. With our deep ShipperHQ integration, you can even specify rates by product, category, customer group, quantity, destination, dimensions and more.


We are bringing over a decade of focusing on building online stores to every WordPress website. Through this we bring our flexible shopping cart, along with it’s extensive customization options, so can offer enterprise grade promotions and discounts within a fully responsive layout, without additional extensions that other WordPress ecommerce plugins require.


Even if you sell across multiple WordPress sites, you shouldn’t have to manage them all in separate places. BigCommerce gives you a single control panel to manage your catalog, orders and shipping, all from one place. Streamline your admin experience and spend less time managing ecommerce on WordPress.

Beyond WordPress, the endpoints we’ve opened on our platform allow you to build commerce into any sort of experience. Looking to launch a site in React? Interested in developing a mobile app? Want to integrate with an in-house POS? All of these can be built and managed from within the BigCommerce Control Panel.


A huge benefit of having a SaaS ecommerce engine behind the scenes is that the core platform is already built for mid-market and enterprise use cases. Natively connect to your existing ERP suites, PIM software, OMS solutions, POS systems or marketing automation tools right out of the box.


Unique to most WordPress ecommerce plugins, BigCommerce for WordPress also includes support for Accelerated Mobile Pages. To activate, install the official Google plugin.


All of our BigCommerce customers have access to our 24/7 live phone, chat, and email support, run from our headquarters in Austin, Texas. For larger enterprise customers, we offer dedicated account management and implementation management services as part of your plan. We also have an ever-growing collection of help, support, and how-to guides in our help center.


BigCommerce for WordPress was built by WordPress developers, with developers in mind. Our plugin is open source and available for you to fork, extend and modify as your needs require.

Our plugin supports WordPress’ standard method of overriding template files so you can modify out-of-the-box designs. Customize your product cards, lists and shopping cart without risking plugin updates that will undo your changes.

Additionally, there are many hooks and filters, so you can manipulate content to your heart’s content.


All BigCommerce customers get access to our ever-growing online community to answer questions, discuss ecommerce strategies, learn about the latest product updates, contribute ideas and more.

If you’re interested in contributing to BigCommerce for WordPress, head over to our GitHub Repository.


  • Core settings that control the how your storefront functions are easy to set up
  • Quickly blend everything into your theme by using the Customizer
  • Grid density can be edited in the Customizer too
  • Quick View is supported out-of-the-box
  • Product pages are automatically created for products
  • Reviews and related products also show on each product page
  • Cart functionality is embedded into WordPress
  • Uses our world-class checkout, which can be embedded within a page or redirected out.
  • Page and posts can drop in products through one-off selection or by brand and / or category.
  • Підтримується Gutenberg
  • Each product created in BigCommerce get imported into WordPress
  • Products availability on the WordPress site can be changed from within the BigCommerce Control Panel

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Where can I find BigCommerce for WordPress documentation and user guides?

For help setting up and configuring BigCommerce, please refer to our getting started guide. Check out our developer documentation and code reference for more advanced use cases.

How can I make my theme or plugin compatible with BigCommerce for WordPress?

We’d love that! Let us know what you’re working on by sending us an email so we can feature you as being an official WordPress ecommerce theme on our site. Please let us know if it’s a free or premium theme when sending details.

The level of effort to get your WordPress theme compatible can vary based on the complexity of your theme and the individual design elements. Some themes will only require simple changes to the styling, shape and size of buy buttons, whereas others might require restyling of the product grid, search, reviews and product detail pages.

Where can I request new features?

For new ideas and feature requests for both the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin and the core BigCommerce platform, you can submit your feature requests and ideas here.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

Bugs and contributions can be submitted in our GitHub Repository.

Where can I find documentation for the BigCommerce API?

You can find the documentation of API on our developer site.


There are things I really like BUT we’re having major problems when customers are trying to checkout. We’re losing business when they are not able to make it through checkout.
One would think that the primary purpose of this plugin is to make a company's customer shopping experience a good one by not forcing said customer to leave said company's site. Such is not the case. This plugin is a HUGE hot mess. I installed it when it was first released and had to immediately contact BC support because of some major glitches. Sadly, every time I contacted them, they kept telling me that the fix would be added to the next update, which typically happens 3 weeks after a previous release. Needless to say, no fix has ever been released. Issue #1: If I clear the cart then I should be taken to the main products page (i.e. /shop). Instead, I was always redirected to a nonexistent page, which delivered a 404. Issue #2: Not being able to checkout because I kept getting an error that my address was invalid; the same information that was tested directly in our BC store. It would seem BC has yet to get their stuff together, so do yourself a favor by not installing this crappy plugin.
We used this plugin this year for a client's online store. The result has been a waking nightmare. We are troubleshooting issues weekly, often to find no solution even with BigCommerce's support team. This troubleshooting has gone on for months, leading to days of extra work that were never intended or scoped for. Our biggest issues: Products in BigCommerce that are not assigned to our channel still appear in the back-end and sometimes front-end of our WordPress site. Customers are constantly contacting our client’s phone support because of issues checking out. Issues are often unique, but regardless, they never experienced this volume of issues prior to using this plugin. Plugin has had to be deactivated, deleted, re-downloaded and re-activated 4 times in fewer months due to plugin issues and issues with plugin update releases. When we go through this process we also have to set up a new channel and re-assign products to that new channel. The plugin does not support a NUMBER of features that made BigCommerce the right ecommerce solution for our client including: Product rules, Customer group category/product visibility, image alt text, product page meta data, others identified, though not completely Transactional emails are a nightmare. From abandoned cart emails to transactional emails for customer orders, there are constantly links to a non-existing BigCommerce account profile or other page. It's seems to be impossible to make changes to these emails that will consistently link users to our WordPress site, not to an inactive BigCommerce site. Products assigned to your WordPress channel will appear in the WordPress CMS as if you can edit them there. However, once you edit a product in WordPress the entire connection to BigCommerce breaks down. We discovered this, painstakingly, on accident. It took contacting BigCommerce support to learn that you MUST NEVER edit any product field in WordPress (even though it's available for you to do so). I will say that BigCommerce chat support has been good about helping troubleshoot each week/day that we chat with them. However they often have no solution to the issues we experience. The plugin is no where near ready for actual use and should be deleted until they can work out these bugs and incapabilities.
I appreciate the concept of allowing a headless site/creating multiple channels. Here are the problems I found: 1. When choosing manually to select products to come over from bigcommerce to wordpress. Sure you can manually choose the channel for each products however if you have thousands of products, selecting a few can be painful. Would love to be able to choose/unselect by category. Possibly by lookup. 2. Regardless of what channel (bigcommerce store or wordpress store) was selected. All products came over. The products that was chosen not to come over to wordpress came over as a draft posts including all the images. So you'll need the appropriate hosting package to be able to store all the data. In my opinion ONLY what I choose to come over should come over. 3. We have the abandoned cart feature turned on for the bigcommerce site and want to keep it on. There is no way to turn that off from wordpress. So abandoned cart emails that was turned on for the BigCommerce store will go to the wordpress website with the wrong logo and links. 4. Support is not able to help with these issues or even understand the issue. Requested engineers to look at this problem. They have not responded.
I have been using BC for a few years and also Word Press. This plugin doesn't work well, it doesn't sync between the plugin and the BC app in the control Panel. Technical Support for This plugin is terrible. Tech support specialist don't know how this plugin work or how the BC for word press works in the admin control panel for BC. They made me lose about 2 hours of my time, trying non-related fixes, and finally at the end all what they tell me is that they will escalate but nobody responded after several days. I Have tried to delete the plugin in one WP installation and not for some reason the plugin can't be deleted. Also inside the control panel of word press I deleted the BC for WP app and reinstalled it again, but still doesn't sync. I hope it will work in the future, but now it is a waste of time.
Feels like there is excellent potential here to grow from strength to strength and become a viable option in the WordPress eCommerce space. Really impressed by the quick, responsive support from Topher also.
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