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Axio Core


The plugin contains the features and settings generally deemed to be the most commonly used in all projects. It is meant to be used together with axio-starter but functions on its own as well. Use the site specific plugin to configure the specs of this plugin.

This plugin replaces the previous Aucor Core and is backwards compatible with same function and filter names working.


Abstract Classes

Directory: root

The models the features are built on

Features and subfeatures

Directory: /features/

Features (containing subfeatures) ranging from security settings to speed optimizations and dashboard cleanup.


  • front page edit link
  • gallery
  • image-links
  • login
  • admin menu cleanup
  • notifications
  • profile cleanup
  • remove customizer


  • tinymce


  • cleanup
  • recent widget
  • remove panels


  • clean up empty html nodes
  • excerpt
  • html fixes


  • string translations


  • acf
  • cookiebot
  • gravityforms
  • redirection
  • public post preview
  • seo
  • yoast


  • acf
  • polylang


  • disable admin email check
  • disable file edit
  • disable unfiltered html
  • head cleanup
  • hide users
  • remove comment moderation
  • remove commenting


  • limit revisions
  • move jquery
  • remove emojis
  • remove metabox


  • style guide
  • wireframe

Helper functions

Directory: root

Contains functions, like enhanced (internal) debugging, for all features/subfeatures to use

Configuration (optional)

“Active” subfeatures

  • The style guide subfeature overrides the WP function the_content() with default markup for testing the most common tag styles, when the GET parameter ‘?ac-debug=styleguide’ is found in the url. You can however replace this markup with a filter:

    add_filter(‘axio_core_custom_markup’, function($content) {
    $content = ‘custom markup’;
    return $content;

  • The wireframe subfeature adds outlines to all elements on page to help with visual debugging, when the GET parameter ‘?ac-debug=wireframe’ is found in the url. It also appends ‘?ac-debug=wireframe’ to the href value in all anchor tags on the page to keep the feature enabled during navigation.

Disable feature/subfeature

By default all the features/subfeatures are on, but you can disable the ones you don’t want with filters in theme or plugin. Here is a minimal code snippet you can use to disable features:

// disable a feature in Axio Core
add_filter('feature or subfeature key', '__return_false');

Note that if you disable a feature, all underlying subfeatures will be disabled as well.


Download and activate. That’s it.


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Журнал змін


Added feature to force suffix to attachment page slugs to prevent attachments from reserving nice slugs.


Enhanced data sanitazing on echoing functions, fix metadata errors, move to local placeholder image on styleguide.


Add possibility to force ACF block mode, hide Cookiebot admin notice and extend Public Post Preview nonce.


Initial release.