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AweBooking – Hotel Booking System


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Awebooking is a well-coded plugin with an excellent user interface, perfect for any hotel, hostel, motel, BnB or any kind of accommodation website. Awebooking brings you easiest way to setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily, rent accommodations with detail services, receive online reservations.

Your customers will be impressed by how easy-to-use, fast and clear to check availability and send a booking request. However, it is not harder to use than any other hotel booking WordPress plugins. Moreover, we believe that it’s even much easier! And there’s a good reason for that: amount of time and effort that we invested in Awebooking to bring you the best hotel booking WordPress plugin ever.

You can see plugin demo here. We also provide WordPress admin demo if you want to take a look.

Plugin features

  • Room type and rooms
  • Multi locations
  • Extra services
  • Amentities
  • Pricing management
  • Room availablity management
  • Block dates
  • Multiple Rooms Booking
  • Booking Management
  • Booking Note
  • Check available widget
  • Email notification
  • Minimum/Maximum Nights
  • Tax
  • Shortcodes
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Fit With Your Theme
  • Developer Friendly
  • More features are on the way!

Premium features

You can check plugin description page here for detail features.

Premium themes



  • Room type list
  • Room type detail settings
  • Services list
  • Availablity rooms management
  • Pricing management
  • Booking list


  • From your WordPress dashboard, Visit Plugins > Add New
  • Query for awebooking
  • Activate AweBooking from your Plugins page. (You’ll be greeted with a Setup page.)
  • Visit Room type > Add new room type and create some room types. (You can always delete these later.)


After 3 weeks, not even a response to a very easy support request. Even worse: last response EVER from support guys in plugin support forum is FOUR MONTHS old. Can this even be called “support”?
I’m a bit confused by the mixed reviews. The plugin works really well!
I have tried out several hotel booking plugins (Advanced Booking, Hotel Booking Motopress). Looks like the free version of this one does not support Seasonal Rates, and in styling, it does not support Search availability of Single Property.
01.04.2019 1 reply
I’ve been testing it for a month almost and even if it has some improvements to be done, overall it’s a very good plugin and it does exactly what the features list specify. If I could rate it in numbers, for me it would be 8+.
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Журнал змін

[v3.2.26] – [2019-10-07]

  • Fixed: Invoice email not sending to the customer.
  • Fixed: Increment services when re-applied.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.25] – [2019-09-30]

  • Fixed WPML compatibility issues.

[v3.2.24] – [2019-09-23]

  • Fixed datepicker bugs from last release.
  • Correct price calculator in booking.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.23] – [2019-09-14]

  • JS: Using wp-date to parse the date format.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.22] – [2019-09-05]

  • Imporve code API.

[v3.2.21] – [2019-08-28]

  • Fixed issues edit price on the 29 of February 2020.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.20] – [2019-07-31]

  • Fixed display wrong date.

[v3.2.19] – [2019-07-22]

  • Fixed cannot saved some hotel attributes.

[v3.2.18] – [2019-07-11]

  • Hotfix: Missing payment.min.js file

[v3.2.17] – [2019-07-11]

  • Break changes: Split the checkout and payment step, guest will be “place booking” first then process payment on next step.
  • Template: Added templates/payment.php to display the payment page.
  • API: Added abrs_get_booking_by_public_token($token), abrs_is_payment_page() functions.
  • API: Added AweBooking\Gateway\Gateway::isOfflinePayment() method.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.16] – [2019-4-13]

  • Fixed “no-results” displaying even when rooms available.

[v3.2.15] – [2019-4-10]

  • Fixed autoscroll to the payment section in the checkout page on Safari and Firefox.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.14] – [2019-04-27]

  • Auto recalculate cost when made booking from admin.

[v3.2.13] – [2019-04-22]

  • Translatable the country name and currency dataset.
  • Updated some JS libraries.

[v3.2.12] – [2019-04-11]

  • Fixed admin Calendar in RTL
  • Fixed display issues of the datepicker on mobile.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.11] – [2019-03-27]

  • Correct checking rate intervals
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.10] – [2019-03-22]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.9] – [2019-03-18]

  • Improve code API
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.8] – [2019-02-27]

  • Improve price calculation.
  • Fixed: Swap a room not change the room name.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.7] – [2019-02-18]

  • Added: Settings > Availability to controls the availability dates.
  • Improve the front-end Calendar availability.
  • Fixed: Support RTL in the front-end Calendar.
  • Fixed: Correct the rate calculation when overlaps rates.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.6] – [2019-02-11]

  • Added: Calendar now pagination 15 room types per page to better performance.
  • Fixed: Guests count not work correctly since v3.2
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.5] – [2019-02-04]

  • Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Fixed: Failed to check reference when booking room in admin area.

[v3.2.4] – [2019-02-01]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.3] – [2019-01-30]

  • Added: Now you can swap a room unit to another in same room type.
  • Added: Auto recalculates room price when editing a booking room.
  • Add some back-compat API with v3.1 prevent some fatal errors.

[v3.2.2] – [2019-01-29]

  • Fixed the search rooms did not work when multi-hotel enabled
  • and from single room-type.

[v3.2.1] – [2019-01-24]

  • Minor tweak about style to make search form better.
  • Fixed fatal error about Service_List_Table.

[v3.2.0] – [2019-01-23]

  • Improve frontend style, switch from “rem” unit to “em”.
  • Intro new “Experiment Form Style”, you can enable and testing it from: “Settings > Appearance > Search Form”.
  • The settings in the “Appearance > Date Picker” now worked but only in “Experiment Form Style”
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • API: Switch from “nesbot/carbon” to “cakephp/chronos” for DateTime API.

[v3.1.21] – [2019-01-10]

  • Fixed: Missing wp_reset_postdata after call the WP_Query that confusing to Elementor.
  • Fixed: Calculate booking costs.

[v3.1.20] – [2018-12-24]

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Correct some warning in PHP 7.3
  • Fixed: Bookings not showing in “All” tab in the list table.
  • Fixed: Wrong price in reservation when timezone is not UTC.

[v3.1.19] – [2018-12-14]

  • WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg compatibility
  • Frontend: Force to showing single month in the datepicker in mobile
  • Auto delete “pending” bookings after 30 minutes from time created
  • Fixed add new booking in the backend when multi-hotels enabled
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.18] – [2018-12-01]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.17] – [2018-11-24]

  • Fixed: Booking not store the hotel ID
  • Fixed: Some search form bugs

[v3.1.16] – [2018-11-20]

  • Imporove admin Calendar
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.15] – [2018-11-05]

  • Added: Auto update checked-out status in booking
  • Fixed the gateway instruction in email and thankyou page
  • Prepare for v3.2
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.13] – [2018-11-01]

  • Fixed some issues about reservation.
  • Fixed display wrong price in email.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.12] – [2018-10-10]

  • Added: Validation on checkout.
  • Fixed: Bulk update availability calendar not work with only_days.
  • API Added: New class AweBooking\Component\Validation\Validator for the validation.

[v3.1.11] – [2018-10-04]

  • Fixed: Minor issues in the reservation.
  • Added: Intro [awebooking_rooms] and [awebooking_single_room] shortcode.

[v3.1.10] – [2018-09-26]

  • API: Added relationships API.

[v3.1.9] – [2018-09-19]

  • Change: Cancelled email now send to customer instead to admin.
  • New style for confirm dialog in admin area.
  • Continue improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.8] – [2018-09-13]

  • Added: Show terms on checkout.
  • Improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.7] – [2018-09-01]

  • Fixed tax issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.6] – [2018-08-21]

  • Fixed some template issues.
  • Fixed send email issue.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.5] – [2018-08-07]

  • Added: Remove selected room.
  • Fixed: Cannot send email when have multiple recipients.
  • Fixed: Trim zeros when “Number of Decimals” iz zero.
  • Fixed: Database upgrade issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.4] – [2018-08-02]

  • Fixed: Premium addons update not work.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.3] – [2018-07-31]

  • Added: Widget Check Availability.
  • Fixed: The prices include tax not work as expected.
  • Fixed: Datepicker not working on mobile devices.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.2] – [2018-07-25]

  • Fixed datepicker not working when Elementor activate.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.1] – [2018-07-20]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.0] – [2018-07-19]

  • Release v3.1.0