AiTrillion offers a range of powerful features that can help you streamline your business, boost your sales, and save time and effort.
Features include an exclusive Loyalty program with Email marketing, SMS marketing, Web push notifications, Product reviews, Membership, an Affiliate Program, & more!
Replace multiple apps with one app, Save up to 70% monthly app fee & boost your store speed with one marketing automation platform.

*Best Loyalty Rewards Program with 16+ activities & integrated with Email, Review
*Send Email, SMS & Push automation on Welcome series, post order, & abandon cart.
*Build more trust & loyalty with Product Reviews, Membership & Affiliates.
*Engage more visitors with Popups, Announcement bars & automatic notifications.
*Personalize your store with Product recommendations like Related products & more


  1. Upload into plugins folder.
  2. Activate aitrillion plugin (Please make sure you have Woocommerce plugin installed and activated, AiTrillion works with Woocommerce only)
  3. Go to AiTrillion -> Settings and update API key and password (You will find this under your AiTrillion account dashboard)

Часті питання

How to start using AiTrillion?

You can start by setting up the first module and making it live. Please follow the fundamental steps and start immediately.
Check the help doc for detailed steps.


Aitrillion is a great app to add to your store. It gives you many premium features you want on your store. Normally we would need about 8 different plugins to get the same results which has a very bad effect on your page speed. The support from AiTrillion is amazing and have been for a long time. They respond quickly and get the things done that you need within hours. I'm very satisfied and would highly recommended it. Their Email marketing, loyalty program and reviews are best and provide very good automation to collect more reviews and incentize customers with loyalty points.
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  • Fixed – updated the new review shortcode


  • Fixed – web push impression and click tracking


  • Fixed – resync button action & existing order sync issue


  • Fixed – added shipping phone method check before call


  • Fixed – initial synced failed status with existing order


  • Fixed – review layout


  • Initial release