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WPhellopack Recommendations for WooCommerce


WPHelloPack Recommendations for WooCommerce is a plugin which serves recommended products based on user’s journey. This plugin currently supports three strategies to calculate the recommended products: the strategy 100, the strategy 5050, and the strategy 503316. The 100 strategy turns on when your customer visits just one product category, while the other two strategies turn on when they have visited more than one product category within their session.

What does the number mean for each of the strategies?

Let’s say we got into “the strategy 100” – that means a user has visited only one category so the plugin recommends 100% products from just one category. The same is for 5050 while the user visits two categories – then the plugin recommends 50% from one category and 50% from another. If a user has visited at least three categories then the plugin recommends 50% (6 products) from the most visited category, and 33% (4 products) from the second most visited and finally 16% (2 products) from the 3rd most visited category.

What happens if a user visits more than three different categories?

By collecting the most visited categories from a user’s journey, WPHelloPack Recommendations for WooCommerce creates a fresh pack for every visitor. The plugin takes under consideration only 3 mostly visited categories, calculating the ratio from 10 most recent steps made by the user during the journey. It means that your new visitors will receive content that they need at this moment in time – and that would be relevant to their interests in the future.

Does the plugin send any data to 3rd party services?

If you are concerned about your data privacy, don’t worry! We are not sending any data to any third-party services. All data is stored on our WordPress installation and we do not store any information from 3rd party services.

Do I need to configure the plugin?

WPHelloPack Recommendations for WooCommerce will get you up and running in just a few minutes. It’s pre-configured, so no setup is needed.

Do we have demo?

Of course! Visit our demo store https://wphellopack.com to see the plugin in the action (Recommended products block)


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