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WP Twitter Wall


With WP Twitter wall, show a live Twitter wall at your event! Install the plugin on your website, get a video projector, then display a wall of people’s tweets reacting about your show.

This plugin was originally designed to display attendees’s tweets during the WP Tech Nantes, and WordCamp Paris events.

The twitterwall will be updated twice a minute, adding new tweets and updating the publication times of the old ones.

Rules are defined to protect you against twitter automated spam, but if someone pass these protection, you can manually exclude them.

Wall’s colors can be customized using the plugin settings panel, adapting them to your brand.

Interactions between the plugin and Twitter API use the PHP Class TokenToMe, created and maintained by Julien Maury.


  • A twitter wall near the main screen, at WP Tech 2015 event.
  • The plugin on the computer used to project the twitter wall ; on this interface the admin can report some tweets as spam.
  • Reporting twitter user as spam (on live at WordCamp Paris 2016)
  • A twitter wall is a way to joke at the end of conference day 😉


  1. Upload the plugin files to the plugin directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate WP Twitter Wall through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the WP Twitter Wall screen to define your twitter API credentials.
  4. On the same screen define your twitter wall relative URI, your search query and optionals parameters then save settings.

You can see your WP Twitter Wall on the defined URI, or use the shortcode [twitter-wall/] to display the feed inside your website.

If you encounter a 404 page when visitng twitterwall URI, please flush your permalinks through the ‘Settings > Permalinks’ screen.

Часті питання

Which operators can be used in the search query?

All available query operators are detailled here.

More commons are:

  • use simple words exemple.
  • use hastags words #exemple.
  • use negative asserts: -something.
  • use OR. If you define multiple words, the search query will retrieve tweets containing all of them. exemple OR another will get tweets with one of theses words (or more).
  • query accounts using @: @someone will get all tweets were the user named ‘someone’ is mentioned. to:someone will obtain all tweets sended to this user, and from:someone will get all tweets writed by him.

You’re allowed to combine as many operators as you want in one string 🙂

How to define a custom stylesheet?

Paste these lines into your ‘functions.php’ theme file:
add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘custom_enqueue_script’, 11 );
function custom_enqueue_script() {
$style = get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‘/my-custom-twitterwall-style.css’; // this is an example
wp_deregister_style( ‘twitter-wall-css’ );
wp_register_style( ‘twitter-wall-css’, $style, false, ‘1’, ‘all’ );

How to protect the wall against spams?

If you use this plugin on an event, it is likely than some twitter accounts will try to spam your wall (especially if you appear in trending topics). WP Twitter Wall offer two ways to prevent that this happen:

  1. WP Twitter Wall will not show tweets containing more than two hastags
  2. Admin users can mark some accounts as ‘spam’ by clicking on the concerned username. His tweets will be removed and no other will appear.


Un joli mur de tweets qui marche très bien, après avoir testé d’autres tweet wall gratuits (sans wordpress) c’est celui qui a le plus bel affichage, tant dans la mise en page que des images. Point à améliorer au niveau de la personnalisation éventuellement (retour de notre graphiste), le code fourni dans la FAQ pour le CSS enlève toute la mise en page par défaut et un champ pour soit paramétrer le CSS sans entrer dans le code soit juste pour ajouter une image de fond serait un plus 🙂 Mais pour un plugin nouveau et gratuit il répond très bien aux attentes !
22.09.2016 3 replies
So this does exactly what the developers describe. It creates a nice-looking Twitter wall based on criteria you define. You do need to set up a Twitter Application which means your cell phone number must be given to Twitter, but this is not a major impediment. The plugin still needs a bit of work to be truly useful to a wide audience. The spam controls are a little too restrictive for me (multiple hashtags are common enough that they shouldn’t be an automatic trigger) but the ability for an admin account to quickly single out a spam account and block it is useful. Some other tweaks are also needed around allowing users to control more of the settings and language but that should smooth out once people start using it more. The only real concern I have is that the wall is intended to be scrollable throughout the history of the display. Over time, I can see an active conference/event overloading a browser and causing a crash. It may be worthwhile for someone to figure out how to limit the overall number of tweets displayed or create two separate walls, one for browsers and a more limited one for projection. Otherwise, this is great work!
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  • Wording fix
  • Add GlotPress compatibility


  • Bug Fix : duplicate tweet on refresh


  • Bug Fix : header fail on TokenToMe.class


  • Security Fix


  • 10 september 2016
  • Initial release