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Salesforce Integration for WordPress


Transform your WordPress website into a lead capture and CRM integration powerhouse with the Salesforce Integration for WordPress plugin. Bid farewell to complex HTML forms and visible public IDs. Just like WP Tiger, WP Salesforce allows you to create, manage, and update web forms using dynamic shortcodes, enabling you to embed them anywhere in your WordPress content, from posts and pages to custom posts, sidebars, widgets, and popups. Ensure security with built-in Captcha protection to combat spam effectively.

Note: WP Salesforce is now a part of the WP Leads Builder for any CRM plugin, encompassing Salesforce CRM, Vtiger, Zoho, and SugarCRM integration features.

With this Salesforce WordPress Integration, you can:

  • Generate web forms without the need for HTML or visible public IDs.
  • Create dynamic shortcodes for use anywhere in your WordPress content.
  • Streamline form updates with a single shortcode edit.
  • Easily set up fields by pulling them from Salesforce CRM modules.
  • Customize form elements effortlessly through a user-friendly interface.
  • Assign forms to available Salesforce users for efficient lead management.

In essence, WP Salesforce empowers you to generate web forms via a user-friendly CRM WordPress plugin interface, turning your website’s visitors into high-potential leads for Salesforce CRM.

Key Features

  • Generate Salesforce WordPress forms with or without web forms.
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Contact Form 7 plugin, offering a familiar user experience.
  • Utilize Salesforce WordPress plugin forms in pages, posts, popups, opt-ins, and widgets.
  • Capture potential leads and sync them with Salesforce CRM.
  • Easily redirect users to the desired page after form submission.
  • Receive notifications on lead capture success or failure.
  • Convert new users into CRM leads with Salesforce plugins.

Elevate your lead capture game and streamline your CRM integration with Salesforce Integration for WordPress. Transform your website into a lead-generating powerhouse effortlessly.

Upgrading to Pro

Take your lead capture and CRM integration to the next level by upgrading to the Leads Builder for CRM Pro. With the Pro version, you’ll unlock an array of enhanced features:

  • Full Salesforce CRM Support: Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM to enhance your lead management and customer data.

  • Vtiger, Zoho, and SugarCRM Integration: Extend your reach by integrating with Vtiger, Zoho, and SugarCRM, offering comprehensive CRM solutions for your business.

  • Advanced Features: Access advanced tools and features that will supercharge your lead capture and CRM operations, including customization options, automation, and more.

Upgrade to the Pro version today and transform your WordPress website into a lead generation and CRM powerhouse. Visit Leads Builder for CRM Pro for more information and to unlock these enhanced capabilities.

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  1. First, install CRM WordPress Leads
  2. Then Extract the wp-salesforce.zip in wordpress/wp-content/plugins using FTP or through plugin install in wp-admin.
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress plugin list.


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  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.3.2
  • Updated: Salesforce API
  • Improved: User Interface


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.0.2


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 6.0.1


  • Added: Edit Option for Thirdparty forms
  • Fixed: Salesforce Get Users API Issue


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.7


  • Added: Compatibility for WordPress 5.6
  • Added: PHP 8 compatibility


  • Modified: Activated addon slug.


  • Added: WP CSRF Protection


  • Added: Sync WordPress users as Leads into the Salesforce CRM.
  • Added: Leads Builder Pro Banner.


  • Checked: Compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2


  • Initial stable release version.