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WoWpi Guild


This plugin started from an older plugin named WoWpi. That plugin was developped with the gamer in mind. But then, it seemed that a lot of guilds wanted to use the plugin for their needs. So that plugin kept evolving until it couldn’t anymore.

This time I am working on a plugin that revolves around guilds in World of Warcraft. I hope it will evolve further, becoming the go to tool for a guild’s website needs.


Guild Roster

Character post types

Recruitment Widget


  • Register for a developer account on Battle.net, and create a client in order to use the data about your guild.
  • Once you’ve created the client, you will receive a client ID and client secret that you must pass to the plugin settings.
  • After you activate the plugin you should go to the plugin’s settings page, at step 1 and put the Client ID and Client secret, and also the region and locale (language). Now push the “Save changes” button. If everything works ok, you should receive a confirmation message.
  • On step 2 of the WoWpi Guild settings you must mention the region and also the guild slug that appears on the roster page in the guild page on World of Warcraft.
  • On step 3, you should synchronize the races, classes and specializations, and the guild roster. Make sure that the checkbox “Synch with all character data” is also checked.
  • Once you’ve synchronize all data, you can see the “Members” admin section. The members are organized by races, classes, specializations, genders and play status.
  • After activating the plugin, the members will be updated each hour five at a time (of course, if the website is visited), or you can reimport the members from the admin section. If something doesn’t work, make sure you’ve synchronized the classes and specializations in the WoWpi Guild settings section (step 3). Also, the members that were not active lately in game, will be automatically set to Draft and set as inactive.



After installation, it is time to use it. Until now, we have access to the guild roster by using a shortcode:

‘[wowpi_guild_roster]’ allows you to show your guild’s members. The shortcode also accepts additional parameters. These are:

ranks=”0|1|2″ – this will only show the guild roster with the ranks 0 (Guild Master), Rank 1 and Rank 2

ranks=”0:Guild Master|1:Wolves|2:Pups” – this will allow you to have custom names for your ranks in the roster.

id=”your_custom_id_for_table” – this will add the id attribute to the table. Only do this if you want to radically change the way the table looks.

class=”custom_css_class” – this will allow you to add/change a CSS class to your table.

rows=”25″ – this will allow you to paginate your table, each page having 25 or any number of members you wish per page.

rows=”all” – this will allow you to have the whole guild roster shown, without pagination.

order_by=”level desc” – this will allow you to set an ordering of the listing; the possible choices are: ‘name’, ‘level’, ‘rank’. The next value is ‘asc’ or ‘desc’, depending on which type of ordering you want – ascending or descending.

show_search=”0″ – if you don’t want to show the search field above the roster you can set the show_search to 0

show_select_page_length=”0″ – if you don’t want to allow the users to choose how many rows to see per page set this parameter to 0


[wowpi_guild_roster ranks="0:Guild Master|1:Wolves|2:Pups" rows="25" order_by="rank" show_select_page_length="0"]

You can set as many rosters you wish on a page.

Members post type

If you are a developer, or know a thing or two about creating templates for custom post types, now you can create character pages for you guild members, in which you can have a personal description. I didn’t use the body of the post thinking that this would be a great way to allow players to tell their own story about their character.

Later on, I will concentrate on that part by making default templates that will allow any admins to have an idea about how they can change the pages themselves.

Recruitment widget

Do you need to increase your ranks with specific classes and/or specializations. You can use the new WoWpi Recruitment Widget in order to tell the world what are your guild’s needs.

Часті питання

Is this plugin a new version of WoWpi plugin ?

No, this is a total different breed. It adds custom post types specific to characters, taxonomies specific to races, classes, specializations, etc.

Is this de go to tool?

Not yet, but it aims to be. With the help of your inputs, I will keep on working on this plugin. Also, please become a patreon of my work (https://www.patreon.com/wowpi).


Thanks a lot to continue your wordpress extention. Its a must have for all wow website. Just sad that people don’t use website anymore for guilde activities…
06.12.2020 4 replies
Hello, Ive installed the app and followed the guide. Now the problem its only loading 21 members (out of 300+) also when i try to use the shordcodes nothing comes up the page stays blanc. Might be that is do something wrong? if you can get it fixed its gonnabe a 5 star plugin for me EDIT: Guild roster is working now, only wish to know where the table colors are stored in css. Hope more shortcodes will come
14.11.2020 2 replies
I’ve now tried this installation twice. Both times it returned the following error: There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions. Until this gets worked out I’d recommend skipping this one.
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  • Fix search using ranks in guild roster. Thank you, Klaussius https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bug-detected-with-two-different-rosters/


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  • Added support for translations


  • Fixed documentation


  • Allow multiple instances of roster shortcode
  • Allow ordering of roster members in shortcode
  • Allow customizing of datatables in roster shortcode


  • Other bugs fixed. Really sorry about this. Thank you, Jesse Meese.


  • Fixed roster images for classes and specs and roles in different languages than english
  • Small fixes related to where the images are saved and some changes to image names themselves


  • Fixed error on activation of plugin. Thank you, https://wordpress.org/support/topic/critical-error-crashes-website/


  • Added recruitment widget


  • Quick fixes related to the launch of plugin on WordPress.org repository


  • The launching of the plugin