Advanced WooCommerce Product Sales Reporting – Statistics & Forecast


A comprehensive WordPress Plugin for Advanced WooCommerce Reporting of Product Sales, Statistics, Analytics & Forecasting Tool for Orders, Sales, Products, Countries, Payment Gateways Shipping, Tax, Refunds, Top Products

Get Sales Report – Reports of Product Sales for WooCommerce for either Completed Orders or Filter By Order Status

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting Features

  • Visual Presentation with Bar & Charts
  • WooCommerce Statistics for your Sales and Orders
  • Search and Get Reports for Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, Last 2 Months
  • Detailed Sales WooCommerce Reports
  • Orders Sales Report
  • Customers Sales Report
  • Countries Sales Report
  • WooCommerce Report By Payment Method
  • WooCommerce Product Sales Report
  • Product Category Sales Report
  • Coupons Report
  • Total Sales Analysis Grouped by Year, Month
  • Next Month’s Sales Forecast for WooCommerce
  • TOP 5 WooCommerce Products Report
  • 100% Responsive

Get PRO Version with Search Product-Category ability, Low Stock Reminders, Email Report & Export Capabilities

PRO Features

  • Next Month’s Forecast for Category or Product
  • Advanced Search Features by predefined Date Periods | Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months
  • Advanced Search Customly defined specific period | From – To dates
  • Search and Get Product Sales Reports by Month
  • Search and Get Product Sales Reports by Year
  • Search & Sort List Reports with input field
  • WooCommerce Sales Reports by Product
  • WooCommerce Sales Reports by Category
  • Next Month’s Sales Forecast for Specified Product
  • Next Month’s Sales Forecast for Specified Category
  • WooCommerce Stock Reports: Low Stock Reporting – you get a report for products low in stock, independent of sales
  • WooCommerce Stock Reports: LLatest Selling Products Low Stock Reminder – report for low stock of products that actually sell!
  • Email Report – get email on a Weekly or Monthly basis. The email includes This Month’s , This Week’s Report & Low Stock Management Report.
  • Reporting Saving – EXCEL – easily export and save reports in xlsx format for further analysis

Get PRO Version with Search Product-Category ability, Low Stock Reminders, Email Report & Export Capabilities


  • Advanced WooCommerce Reporting - Statistics & Forecast | General Analysis - by date - here you find orders, customers, products, categories, coupons, countries, payment gateways report and tables.
  • Advanced WooCommerce Reporting - Statistics & Forecast | Analysis Grouped by year
  • Advanced WooCommerce Reporting - Statistics & Forecast | Analysis Grouped by Month and next Month's Forecast


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate Advanced Reporting – WooCommerce Statistics & Forecast through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Reporting & Statistics submenu from WooCommerce to view the Sales Reports, Statistics and Forecast.

Часті питання

Where to find forecasted Sales?

Navigate to ‘PER MONTH’ tab and at the bottom of the table you will find a Next Month’s Forecast, along with average sales per month.


- cant select product category - cant export any data - almost anything you have to have the pro version - I dont find the free version of any use at all - uninstalled
Even in the free plugin, you'll get more insights about your sales, including the Payment Methods used by your customers, which was the reason I found this plugin. Please note that the overview and tabs, including Payment Methods, just appears if there are orders for the order status and time period selected in the filters.
16.09.2021 2 replies
The top 5 products chart of a variable product shows incorrect data - almost 3 times more than actually sold.
04.02.2021 1 reply
This must be the most useless plugin I've ever installed. If you don't offer anything in the free version, why do you list it in the WordPress plugins directory. Maybe just market the premium version elsewhere.
14.09.2019 1 reply
Plugin seems to have nice functions. But in basic version everything is limited to a view of 1 month. But the worst thing is that the plugin breaks the plugin page of Wordpress after installation of this plugin. As soon as I activate the plugin, the plugin page shows just 1 plugin any more. Solution: - Temporarily move the plugin directory of this plugin via FTP out of the plugin directory from Wordpress - Reload plugin page -> plugin gets deactivated. - Put the directory of this plugin back into the plugin directory - Reload plugin page - Now delete the plugin
20.06.2019 1 reply
Hello, this plugin breaks the hole /wp-admin wenn activated on my site. (WordPress 5.2.2) //madzzoni
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Журнал змін


Added feature to get Orders by Status – dropdown
fixed get_used_coupons checking WooCommerce Version
fixed isset php warnings
fixed issue in customers tab
fixed issue in forecast function


check compatibility, fix translation ready strings


manage_options capability changed to manage_woocommerce so shop_manager role can access the plugin


Check wp compatibility – remove wp-load call


Fix sort table function breaking wp table sorting