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Walmart Affiliate Link


Developed by Walmart for its affiliate partners, this easy to use plugin lets you create paid links by setting your
Linkshare id for payment into your account. To use this plugin you must have already registered with Walmart
as an Affiliate Partner. More information at http://affiliates.walmart.com.
Whenever your blog post contains text that matches a set pattern (explained below), it gets converted to a paid
Walmart.com link. Given the wide assortment of products at Walmart, there is a high chance
your content is converted to paid links with this plugin.

The following are supported formats in this wordpress plugin.

Pattern 1:

[walmart search search-query]

eg. [walmart search ipad] takes you to the search results page for iPad on Walmart.com Lets you create links to search pages on walmart.com.

Pattern 2:

[walmart url title]

eg. [walmart http://walmart.com/ Walmart Homepage] Lets you create links to any Walmart.com page.

Pattern 3:

[walmart rectangle item-id]

eg. [walmart rectangle 123123123] Lets you create a rectangular banner for a specific product.
You can obtain the walmart item id by browsing the site. Walmart.com item pages urls adhere to the following format.


eg. In the url : http://www.walmart.com/ip/Garanimals-Newborn-Boys-21-Piece-Layette-Set/22955038
22955038 is the item id.

Pattern 4:

[walmart leaderboard item1-id item2-id]

eg. [walmart leaderboard 123123123 234234234] Lets you create a leaderboard banner for two products.

NOTE : Please use product ids of exactly two items seperated by spaces to use this pattern.

Pattern 5:

[walmart skyscraper item1-id item2-id item3-id]

eg. [walmart 123123123 234234234 345345345] Lets you create a skyscraper banner for three products.

NOTE : Please use product ids of exactly three items seperated by spaces to use this pattern.

Pattern 6:

[walmart carousel item1-id item2-id item3-id item4-id item5-id] Lets you create a carousel banner for atmost five products.
eg. [walmart carousel 123123123 234234234 345345345 456456456]

NOTE : Please use product ids of atmost five items seperated by spaces to use this pattern.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please provide your Linkshare ID in the Walmart Affiliate Link admin page (accessible through the settings page) before using the plugin. The plugin does not create any links if Linkshare ID is not provided in the admin page.

Please test all your links to ensure they redirect to Walmart.com after publishing.

Important Note

Please provide your encrypted id using the admin page of the plugin. (Accessible through the settings page in the
wordpress dashboard.)


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Delete any existing older versions of Walmart Affiliate Link or walmart-affiliate-link folder from the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Upload walmart-affiliate-link folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to the Walmart Affiliate Link admin page under the ‘Settings’ menu and add your Linkshare Id.

Часті питання

How do I test the links generated by the plugin ?

You can your click your links and verify that they redirect to Walmart.com.

Does the plugin affect any of my existing links created by other means ?

No. The plugin only looks for the Walmart specific text patterns and converts them into links.

Why are the links generated by the plugin not working ?

Please configure your Linkshare Id in the admin page before you start using the plugin. If you still continue
to face any issue please contact us.

Do I need to be a registered Walmart Affiliate Partner to use this plugin ?

Yes. This plugin is only intended for Walmart Affiliate Partners.

How do I become Walmart Affiliate Partner ?

Please visit our site http://affiliates.walmart.com for details about registration.

How can I request for additional features or provide feedback ?

You can mail your feedback/queries to affiliates@walmart.com.


A wonderful plugin But But if she was working like Show list of products with the price and image [walmart bestseller=”keyword” item max=”10″] or [walmart =”keyword” item max=”10″] like this plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/amazon-affiliate-plugin-amaplug/14459847?s_rank=3 Can we say : fake amazon affiliate program
Maybe it worked in 2014 but it CERTAINLY DOESNT with the new WP versions. Can’t update. Wasted an hour trying to make it work.
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