VS Website Closed



This is a lightweight plugin to close your website on selected days of the week.

On selected days your website is closed and a landing page is displayed.

What makes this plugin differ from others, is that you can select certain days instead of just closing and opening your website.

When to use:

  • Close shop because you don’t have time to manage your orders
  • Close for religious reasons
  • Close for maintenance or under construction

How to use

After installation go to Settings > Website Closed.

Select days and customize the landing page that is displayed when website is closed.

About styling

Additional styling (CSS) via the Customizer is being ignored when this plugin is active. But you can add custom CSS via plugin settings page.


Please take a look at the FAQ section.


Not included but plugin supports WordPress language packs.

More translations are very welcome!

The translation folder inside this plugin is redundant but kept for reference.


Without the WordPress codex and help from the WordPress community I was not able to develop this plugin, so: thank you!



  • Settings page (dashboard)
  • Settings page (dashboard)
  • Landing page


Please check Description section for installation info.

Часті питання

How do I set plugin language?

Plugin will use the website language, set in Settings > General.

If plugin isn’t translated into this language, language fallback will be English.

What timezone does plugin use?

It uses the local timezone set in Settings > General.

Can I preview the landing page before closing website?

Yes, this is possible. Plugin has a preview feature.

Can I close a website permanently?

Yes, this is possible. Just select all days and save the page.

Where to find the image ID?

Every image contains an unique ID. You will find this ID when hovering the image title in the media library of your dashboard (list view) or when editing the image.

It’s the number that comes after: post= or item=

Is SEO taken into account?

Yes, when plugin is active it adds a 503 Service Unavailable server error response code. This tells search engines that your site is (temporary) down.

No Semantic versioning?

Version number doesn’t give you info about the type of update (major, minor, patch). You should check changelog for that.

How can I make a donation?

You like my plugin and you’re willing to make a donation? Thanks, I really appreciate that! There’s a PayPal donate link at my website.

Other question or comment?

Please open a topic in plugin forum.


26.09.2019 1 reply
things that are needed. 1)button or check box that you can enable this always and not have to click every single day individually if you dont want to 2)the sub text font is super small. provide please some basic font settings for the Size of the Title and the description. 3)in the logo image also provide a button to select from the existing library 4)possible alignment settings for the text and logo thank you
This plugin just works fantastic, has a clean code, no hidden scripts, and has a very simple user interface. I would recommend this plugin If you are looking for a simple maintenance plugin or if you just want to close your website on a specific day, like Sunday, due to religious reasons. Guido, keep up the good work!
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Журнал змін

Version 2.2

  • Improved notification at settings page

Version 2.1

  • New: you can add custom CSS via the settings page

Version 2.0

  • Removed function load_plugin_textdomain() because redundant
  • Plugin uses the WP language packs for its translation
  • Kept translation folder for reference

Version 1.9

  • Plugin has a new name
  • But plugin itself and ownership did not change

Version 1.8

  • Fix: preview is only available for administrators

Version 1.7

  • New: set color of title
  • Updated settings page

Version 1.6

  • Minor changes in code
  • Better validating, sanitizing and escaping

Version 1.5

  • Fix: mobile view
  • New: set font size
  • Minor changes in code

Version 1.4

  • Plugin is relisted in the repository
  • Major update: complete rewrite of plugin
  • Fix: replaced current_time() with current_datetime()
  • Because of this fix plugin now requires at least WP 5.3
  • Updated register_setting() function
  • New: 503 Service Unavailable server error response code
  • New: set width of your logo image
  • Better validating, sanitizing and escaping

Version 1.3

  • Readme file: removed donate link
  • Updated theme author info

For all versions please check file changelog.