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Nature FlipBook WordPress Plugin


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FlipBook is easy to manage. You can add images (jpg, png ) as the page. The number of pages is unlimited.

Features FlipBook:

1.you do not need to buy and install additional libraries
2.pdf support ( you can create a book directly from the PDF file , Pdf file is automatically converted to jpg files )
3.support multiple file upload ( you can upload all your pages at once – no need to add each page separately )
4.works on the iPad,iPhone etc. ( no Flash Player needed )
5.support for tags in WYSIWYG editor.
6.reverse flip book for the eastern countries (right to left)
7.three techniques show flipbook:
7.1 shortcode – you can put flipbook anywhere in content ( page, post, custom post etc)
7.2 template – you can add flipbook as an independent template in the whole browser window, the advantage is that it is 100% working with all theme ( no conflict with css styles etc…. )
7.3 lightbox – you can put text link, image link anywhere in content on your site, when you click on the link loads a book as a lightbox. />
8.insert scripts in section head – only subpages where is the shortcode flipbook
9.you can disable / enable individual icons in the admin panel
10.icon fullScreen ( only works under FF and Chrome )
11.you can change the zoom to double click the mouse
12.you can change the zoom step for zoomIn and for zoomOut
13.you can enable / disable deeplinking (string at the end of the browser’s address)
14.youtube videos are shown on a layer above book
15.responsive design
16.unlimited number of pages in flipbook
17.lazy loading ( if you have a lot of pages – book will load faster, Example 1: If the current page is 8-9 – then are loaded only pages 8-9, 10-11 and 6-7 ; Example 2: If the current page is 1 – then are loaded only pages 1,2,3,4,5,6 )
18.you can create an unlimited number of flipbooks on one theme
19.double pages
20.show all pages
21.excellent tools to zoom
22.ajax form
23.and other…

How to embed FlipBook on my website:

You must use this shortcode:
[nature_book cat=’book1′]

cat – category flipbook ( slug name in admin page )


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  • Nature FlipBook jQuery


  1. Install and activate the plugin on the Plugins page.
  2. Create Category Book and add pages to the category.
  3. Add shortcode [nature_book cat='book1'] to page ( cat – category flipbook slug name in admin page )

Часті питання

What is the limitation for jQuery Nature FlipBook ?

This is the LITE version so it has limitations:
1. No support for pdf files.
2. No quick add pages (with one click)
3. No logo.
4. No color change.
5. No background change.
6. No form.
7. No lazy loading.
8. No download icon.
9. No page manager

You can buy the full version here


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