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MailCheck.ai is a powerful WordPress plugin that prevents disposable or throwaway email addresses from registering or commenting on your site. This helps to protect your site from spam and maintain the quality of your user base.

The plugin uses the API provided by https://www.mailcheck.ai, which is constantly updated to include the latest disposable email domains. This ensures your site stays protected against new disposable email providers.

MailCheck.ai is free to use and starts working immediately after installation. No registration or configuration is required.


  • Download the plugin and extract the contents of the zip file.
  • Upload the extracted ‘mailcheck-ai’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress installation.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • That’s it! Your site is now protected against disposable email addresses.

Часті питання

Does MailCheck.ai require an API key?

No, MailCheck.ai does not require an API key. It works out of the box after installation without any additional configuration.

Is MailCheck.ai compatible with other email validation plugins?

Yes, MailCheck.ai is designed to work seamlessly with other email validation plugins. However, please note that using multiple email validation plugins might cause conflicts or unexpected behavior.

Can I customize the error message displayed to users with disposable email addresses?

Currently, MailCheck.ai does not provide an option to customize the error message. The default WordPress error message for invalid email addresses will be displayed.


My testing hasn't been exhaustive, but thus far, this plugin works perfectly! Looked up a few temp email generators, used them to try to register on my site and wasn't able to. Was curious about what would happen if I used an email service which isn't technically a disposable email site but is commonly used when people don't want to give out their real email and was pleased that the core domain still allowed people to register, but none of the alias addresses provided by that same service would work (which is exactly what I want). Great job!
Simple plugin connected to a free service that just works. No configuration, no API key, no nonsense. Thanks much!
This plugin works great! The service works well, nothing is 100% and won't block all temp emails but it gets updated frequently and new domains are added all the time. I would recommend this plugin for everyone who allows registration on their site.
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  • Improved URL encoding when constructing the request URL.
  • Added a condition to check the API response code.
  • Added an expiration time to the API response cache.


  • Update WordPress compatibility and rebrand from Validator.pizza to MailCheck.ai


  • Update WordPress compatibility


  • Cache domains


  • Update WordPress compatibility


  • Update WordPress compatibility


  • First version