Ultimate Member Widgets for Elementor


Elementor Widgets for Ultimate Member User is a plugin for the popular Elementor page builder.
Ultimate Member Widgets for Elementor is a Elementor plugin that makes it easy to display Ultimate Member user information without touching any code. You will be able to display Users by Role, or formulate a complex query. Present user fields right from your Elementor page editor section.

Note – This plugin is for displaying Ultimate member User List. You will not be ablr to customize Ultimate Member Member Directory or Profile Pages using this plugin.

🏆 Completely Customizable

Display User information without writing custom WP_User_Query and get_user_meta(). Display all user information right from your Elementor. Select which role to display, set the muber of users to display, set number of column and finally select the users meta information from meta keys dropdown.

Free Widget

  1. [User List] – List your Ultimate Member users along with meta information

We will add more widgets


  • User List Module Frontend
  • User List Module Frontend 2
  • User Fields Meta Key Repeater
  • User Fields Meta Key Selector
  • Advanced User Query


I am new to Elementor and WP and this plugin has been a real help. Some parts of WP and Elementor are still a mystery to me and this one takes a lot of guesswork and effort out of the process.
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