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TrulyLegit | TrulyBadge


Truly Legit offers the most authentic and reputable trust badges on the market today, allowing you to turn distrusting online consumers into loyal converting customers.

Unlike many pay & play alternatives, Truly Legit is the preferred trust badge by consumers due to its effective business and website verification process – which unlike competitors, goes deep in analyzing your business authenticity and website security. Therefore, when seeing a truly legit trust badge on a website, you can be confident in your safety.

Additionally, unlike competitors, Truly Legit empowers you with intuitive website analytics and reporting, driven by the dynamic functionality of the trust badges. Plus, Truly Legit gives you access to key vulnerability scans and real-time results, built against the globally recognized standards of web security.

Product offering aside, we have an onboarding specialist that can assist with inquiries pertaining to installation and set-up plus 24/7 customer support for general inquiries.

Experience the value a TRUSTED trust badge can drive for your business.

Try Truly Legit.

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What is a Truly Legit trust badge?

A Truly Legit trust badge – also referred to as a Truly Badge – is a dynamic script that can be placed on the website a verified business to turn distrusting online consumers into loyal converting customers. Trust Badges offers a statement of assurance to consumers that your business is legitimate and website secure enough for conducting transactions. Our trust badges are easy to install and once in place, fully customizable via your unique login portal. Experience the value a TRUSTED trust badge can drive for your business.

Try Truly Legit.

Why Choose Truly Legit?

Unlike many competitors and various pay and play alternatives, Truly Legit offers some of the following advantages: 24/7 customer support, included web analytics and security scans, lowest industry median pricing and the most efficient and precise verification process.

How Much Does Truly Legit Cost?

Truly Legit pricing varies dependent on your website traffic in a given month. We offer monthly and annual billing cycles – starting from as low as $9.99 per month. See more information on pricing.

How Long Does the Sign-up Process Take?

Our sign-up and set-up process is designed to be completed in as quick as 5-minutes and can be done by anyone, regardless of technical experience. If that’s not enough – we have multiple installation guides, 24/7 customer support & an onboarding specialist able to help you out.


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