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THSA Quotation Generator for WooCommerce


This plugin for WooCommerce allows you to effortlessly create and send quotations to your customers without having to leave your website. Adding products to your quotes is now a breeze, and the advanced calculation feature makes it simple to include discounts and fees in your quotes. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually calculating discounts and fees, and say hello to a more efficient and streamlined quoting process.

When the plugin is best to use?

This plugin is the best solution for sending quotes to both existing and potential customers directly from your WooCommerce website, offering a seamless and efficient process.

* Seamless integration with your WooCommerce product catalog.
* Advanced computation of amounts, discounts, and fees.
* Create quotes for both current and new customers.
* Send quotes via emails
* Send quotes via link.
* Customizable email content in settings.
* Preview quote email.
* Display quotes on any page using shortcodes.

Enjoy the full features with our Pro Version

Benefits of upgrading:
* Personalize email content for individual quotes.
* Customize the appearance of your quotes with preset styles and a color picker.
* Enhance payment options with WooCommerce Subscription payment plan.
* Offer multi-currency support with Aelia Multicurrency for WooCommerce.

How it works?

  • Customize email content and design using WP classic editor in settings.
  • Configure checkout page in settings with designated page assignment.
  • Option to select existing or new customer.
  • Choose currency (Pro version only).
  • Choose products to add to table.
  • Adjust product quantities.
  • Choose fixed or percent discount format.
  • Select payment type (upfront or payment plan, Pro version only).
  • Configure payment plan terms and expiry (if payment plan selected).y
  • Add fees
  • Automatic computation based on product quantity, cost, discounts, terms, and fees.
  • Preview email before sending.
  • Customize email for individual quotes (Pro version only).
  • Send email via shortcode or dynamic URL (with quote ID included).


  • WooCommerce Subscription
  • Aelia Multiple Currency for WooCommerce


Часті питання

Will support other multicurrency plugin?

Currently only supporting listed features, working on compatibility with other popular plugins.

How can I customize the layout of quotation?

Customize code by adding plugin folder and files to child theme. Refer to documentation for more information and examples.


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