Terms & Conditions Per Product


Terms and Conditions per product allows site admins to set custom terms and conditions per WooCommerce product. Users have to accept the terms in order to complete the checkout process. In more detail, it works by:
1. Adding a custom field on every WooCommerce product page.
2. When this custom field is filled, an extra checkbox is displayed in the WooCommerce checkout form that the user needs to check.
3. This extra checkout checkbox includes a link to the Terms and Conditions page added to the product’s administration page.

Check out the Plugin Homepage for documentation and the changelog.

Main Features

  • Add terms and conditions per simple/parent product.
  • Add terms and conditions per product variation.
  • Add terms and conditions per product category. [Premium]
  • Customize the text shown on the checkout page.
  • Show the terms in a modal. [Premium]
  • Great support.

Filters and Actions

There are multiple hooks that will allow you to customize the plugin even further.

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  • Extra custom field on every WooCommerce product.
  • The added Terms and Condition checkbox on the Checkout page.
  • The error notice if the checkbox is not selected.
  • Product variations' custom terms and conditions fields.
  • Adding Terms to product Categories
  • Opening terms in a modal


  1. Upload the “Terms and Conditions Per Product” plugin into the directory wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Enable the “Terms and Conditions Per Product” plugin.

Часті питання

Do you offer a Premium plugin?

Yes, we do have a Premium Version plugin that is packed with features.

The plugin isn’t working or has a bug?

Post detailed information about the issue in the support forum or post a ticket on our site [Premium].

Is there any Documentation for this plugin?

Indeed, detailed information about the plugin can be found in the documentation section on our website.


05.11.2020 1 reply
Works for simple products but not variable one - at least not for me. Shame 🙁
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Журнал змін


  • Fix: PHP 7.3 backwards compatibility.


  • Feature: Added Premium Version
  • Feature: Added custom text for simple product terms
  • Feature Premium: Add terms and conditions to product categories
  • Feature Premium: Show product terms in modal
  • Update: WooCommerce 7.1 compatibility check
  • Update: Added new filters to replace old ones starting with gkco_


  • Update: WordPress 6.1 compatibility check


  • Update: Readme.txt and WordPress version


  • Fix: PHP 8 compatibility issue


  • Fix: Not reaching meta variable outside of class


  • Fix: Hooked actions


  • Feature: Added partial links to Terms’ text using [link][/link] tags


  • Feature: Added extra terms and conditions input fields per variation (WC variable products).
  • Styling: Remove float from checkout fields.


  • Fixed duplicate Terms and Condition checkboxes when the same product appeared more than 1 time in a cart (different items).


  • WP test


  • Fixed an issue for variable products
  • Moved the Custom terms and conditions field from “General” to the “Advanced” product tab.


  • Add extra translation features and extra filters


  • Remove custom fields from external product types


  • Fix missing style


  • Links updated


  • First Edition release