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Smart YouTube and Twitch Embed


Easily embed responsive lazy loading YouTube/twitch videos, playlists, and channels using shortcodes. Also add a secondary fallback video for when videos are unavailable/private


  • an example of what YouTube uploads embed from a channel looks like
  • an embed which is set by the url query variable ?v=youtubeVideoId


  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to settings to see how shortcodes work and enjoy 😀

Часті питання

is the size dynamic to the website size?

yes, you can set the width to anything you want, and the height can auto-adjust to a 16:9 ratio if not set. To make the width dynamic, set it to a %

can this embed my youtube channel?

the plugin can embed the uploads playlist from your channel.

can this embed twitch videos?

yes, the plugin also supports twitch embeds.

where do I get the video/playlist/channel id

the plugin supports multiple ways of inputing the id.
you can get the id from the url where you would normaly find it when watching youtube videos, or going to playlists/channels.
you can also copy the full url and use that as the id.
this same method also works for twitch.

how can the plugin tell if I’m embedding a video, playlist, or channel?

youtube and twitch both use a different algorithm for generating there random url’s.
this plugin uses thoes patterns to try and fix the url.
the plugin then checks if the url returns a 404 or 403 header (meaning the video is either unavailable or private)
if the video does not exist, it will run the same process on your fallback video, and won’t include the embed, if the url does not exist.
note: simetimes twitch does not return a 404 header


Easy, responsive, looks dope on my frontpage. Thanks!
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Журнал змін


replaced youtube popular uploads embed with youtube channel uploads embed (now that YouTube fixed that url)


replaced youtube channel uploads embed with youtube popular uploads embed
added option to disable youtube or twitch support, to improve performance if only one is needed
added option to add alternate shortcode name
added shortcode attribute “url” as an alias for “id”


added support for youtu.be urls


added a nice border radius around video iframes
made javascript functions wait for DOMContentLoaded to improve page loading speeds


Rebuilt Plugin
– old shortcodes are still supported
– “type” attribute is no longer needed (this is now auto detected)
– you can now use the full url of the video as you would normaly find it when watching a youtube/twitch video
– you can now choose to autoplay youtube videos
– you can now choose to mute youtube videos
– you can now set an exact height (if not set, a 16/9 ratio will be calculated)
– improved support for youtube and twitch videos


Added wordpress translation to title and description


added dns-prefetch of youtube
added prefetch url for youtube videos


auto height now works
added support for twitch videos


added option type=”auto”
auto will automatically select if the type is a video or playlist, based on whats available on YouTube.
auto is the new default option for type, if not set.
auto also works for fallbacktype.


First Version