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Supra Open Form


The purpose of this plugin is to provide blog admin with an interactive form to create, update and display forms throughout the site. Shortcode can be provided in whatever page one wishes to display the form. The shortcodes are provded in the Form Info tab. When creating the form you have the option to provide the landing page or a success message instead. If the landing page is left blank the form will display a success message up submission. You can create the following inputs: select, hidden, checkboxes, radios, textareas and submit buttons. You can provide arbitrary attributes for each input as needed. You can also specify a notifcation email for the submission to be sent to. The code is clean, decoupled and modifiable and the interface is jQuery interactive. The form builder requires simple html knowledge such as what should go in in label, name and value attributes.

Часті питання

Why would I want to download this plugin when there are so many other form makers out there?

Because this plugin has the ability for users to customize form by attributes and designate selectors
that other form maker wouldnt allow you to do. For example one can provide maxlength and readonly attributes.
The simple dumbed down plugins have taken the well needed technical specifications out of the forms.

Can I contribute to this plugin?

Yes! And I encourage you to do it through the git repo I provided in the plugin settings page. Unlike the majority
of other plugins the code is sloppy and procedural with functions all over the place and no convention. Even thinking
about modifying an existing plugin to meet your needs is a hassle. However this plugin is well encapsulated with decoupled
code and you could even use it outside of wordpress if you wanted too.


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Журнал змін


Fixed a session bug and thoroughly tested the functionality of the plugin


Added the youtube tutorial


fixed an inclusion error and created the plaintext feature