Stock Display in Admin Order


Do you administer Woocommerce orders in the backend your shop? You don´t need to exchange screens to check on product stock anymore. Display each product stock numbers, or stock status, directly in the admin order page. Save time, be faster.

Without any type of configuration, install it and you are good to go.
Note that the information showned in the order page level correspond the product settings.
To change how the information will be displayed in the order, change the Inventory options in the Product Data metabox.

Privacy Statement

Stock Display in Admin Order is private by default and always will be. It does not persistently store any of the data that it collects. It does not send data to any third party, nor does it include any third party resources.


  • This screen shot description corresponds to wsdao-screenshot-1.png: Order page sample view displaying different types of stock information.

Часті питання

The stock information shown in the order page is related to which point in time?

Its the current state of the stock levels, or status.

How can I know the stock levels at the time of stock decreasing or increasing for a particular order?

In the admin order page, you can check the order notes in the metabox to the right. That´s where Woocommerce stores all this information.

How do I choose between displaying numbers or status of the product stock?

This information corresponds on how you setted up this option in the product level page. Find it in the Inventory section, inside the Product Data Metabox.


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