Simple easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up lightweight plugin for snowfall effect on your site. If you have any questions or inqueries, please feel free to get in touch via email

Snowfall plugin uses snowfall library to set up snow effect. For more info about the library go to
Plugin is very easy to install and use.
Though some coding needed to set this plugin up it’s very easy and Installation section explains it in details.
You can find this plugin on github here


To install the plugin do the same steps you do for installing wordpress plugins.

Set up

The set up for the plugin is a bit harder, but I’ll explain it in details:
The plugin allows to set up snowfall effect in 2 ways:
1. via WordPress actions
2. manually.

1. WordPress actions.

Plugin provides action snowfall_main_tag_action which adds necessary blocks and queues necessary scripts. This is why this set up is easier.
To make it work add the following code right after <body> opening tag:

<?php do_action('snowfall_main_tag_action'); ?>

When this action will be added, and the plugin will be enabled you will see the snowfall effect on your site.

2. Manual set up

As mentioned above manual set up is a bit harder than set up through WordPress actions.
To set up plugin manually you need to:
– add <div id="some-unique-id"></div> right after <body> opening tag.
NOTE: the id attribute for this block should be unique.
– create the following javascript snippet: new Snowfall("some-unique-id"); NOTE: some-unique-id from this code snippet should be the same as id attribute from the block you created above.
– enqueue the code snippet from the step above after snowfall script (snowfall – is a script’s handle for more info see wp_enqueue_script)
– now activate the plugin if it’s still disabled and you will see the snowfall effect on your site.

Часті питання

Can I customize the snow effect?

In short – yes.
To customize the snowfall effect(increase/decrease number of snowflakes, increase/decrease it’s size/color etc) you have 2 options:
– do it manually yourself (some coding knowledge required)
– ask me to do it for you

If you chose to do it yourself, please refer to snowfall library documentation here.
If you want me to do it for you, please write me an email to with Subject Snowfall customization and we would discuss further details.


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