Simple Taxonomy Refreshed


Supports adding one or more taxonomies (either hierarchical or tag) to any objects registered on your installation.

This plugin started as a functional conversion from Simple Taxonomy and developed on WordPress 5.1-6.5 with PHP 7.2-8.1.

This plugin allows you to add a taxonomy just by giving them a name and some options in the backend. It then creates the taxonomy for you and takes care of the URL rewrites.

It provides a widget that you can use to display a “taxonomy cloud” or a list of all the terms; it allows you to show the taxonomy contents at the end of posts and excerpts as well. To increase flexibility, a shortcode and block has been provided to output these terms wherever desired.

You can also export the Taxonomy definition to include it directly in your own code.

You can also create terms easily by typing them into a list; or by copying them from an existing taxonomy.

A tool has been provided to support changing the taxonomy slug. Any terms and their usages will also be linked to the renamed slug.

For admin screens displaying multiple taxonomies it is possible to define their display column order.

A tool is provided to merge a number of terms within a taxonomy into a single one. All usages of the selected terms are changed to the merged one.

Options are provided to add a selection dropdown in the admin list and to define minimum and maximum required term counts using posts of selected statuses (and not only “published”). [Term counts with WP 5.7+ requires version 1.3+ of this plugin.] These capabilities are available for any taxonomy whether defined using this taxonomy or elsewhere.

For full information go the Simple Taxonomy Refreshed page.

When using the admin screen, additional information is available in the help pulldown area.

Migration Notice

From Simple Taxonomy

It is a drop-in replacement for Simple Taxonomy – using the same options table entry.

If this is installed, deactivate it first.

However since this plugin uses the Simple Taxonomy options data to save setting it up again completely if you wish to revert, before deactivating you can use the Simple Taxonomy export function to take a copy of your data.

NB. The Export/Import functions are not compatible between plugins. So you need to use the file made with its version of the plugin.

To have the Taxonomy metaboxes available in the Block Editor, ensure that “show_in_rest” has been set to true.

When migrating and before an update to the existing parameters, the taxonomy will treat “show_in_rest” as true. If not wanted, set to false.


Цей плагін надає 2 блоки.

  • Taxonomy Cloud
  • Display Post Terms


Functionally replaces Simple Taxonomy so if this is installed, deactivate it first.

  1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend
  3. Go to Settings > Custom Taxonomies and follow the steps on the Simple Taxonomy Refreshed page.

Часті питання

Does this plugin handles custom fields?

No, it is focused only on registering and supporting Taxonomies and their terms.

There is a very large number of options – are they all needed?

The standard WordPress functionality provides many options and labels – and in the spirit of no-coding, this provides them all.

Very few are required.

Enter just the Name (slug) whether Hierarchical or not and the Post Types used on the Main Options tab and Name (label) on the Labels tab will get you going.


I am not a code man, I use WordPress that’s all, for years I wanted to add very simple taxonomy to my sites, such as brand and manufacturer. I never managed, now with this tool I managed in 5 minutes! thanks a lot!
And god knows why the least downloaded. It comes with many pro features, like extract terms from other existing taxonomies, import and export terms, so you can create your new hierarchical taxonomy in the blink of an eye.
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Журнал змін

  • Version 3.2.0 (29/11/2023)

    • NEW: Taxonomies that have zero or one term will use radio buttons by using a “No term” selector.
    • DEV: Reviewed for WP Coding Standards 3.0.
    • DEV: Minimum supported version of PHP increased to 7.4.
    • FIX: PHP 8.1 undefined array error.
    • FIX: Tested with WP version 6.4.
  • Version 3.1.1 (11/08/2023)

    • NEW: JS register uses defer with 6.3 onwards.
    • FIX: PHP 8.1 deprecation error.
    • FIX: Tested with WP version 6.3.
  • Version 3.1.0 (11/04/2023)

    • NEW: Term controls may be applied to only a sub-set of post types.
    • NEW: Labels that are the same as the WP defaults are not saved.
    • FIX: PHP 8.1 error with array map on null.
    • FIX: Tested with WP version 6.2.
  • Version 3.0.0 (17/11/2022)

    • NEW: Post taxonomy lists may use html tags to format text.
    • NEW: Term controls extended to Quick Edit options.
    • NEW: Controls defined as operating as terms are entered now works.
    • NEW: Further accessibility changes made to administration screens.
    • NEW: Term control front end logic moved from page to js file.
    • FIX: Server-side Tag Term Counts incorrect.

For information on earlier version changes, see the Simple Taxonomy Refreshed Changes page.