Simple Popup Block


Introducing Simple Popup Block: the easy way to manage popups on your website.
With its user-friendly interface, creating customized popups is a breeze.
Enjoy enhanced engagement without sacrificing page speed.


  • Triggers : Choose how your popup should be triggerred either on page scroll, click or after certain interval.
  • Conditions : Show popups only to your specific user based on roles. Option to show only to logged-in user or logged-out users
  • Behaviour : Determine how the popup should be shown only once or multiple time or auto close after certain time.
  • Built-in Templates : Design your popup from the scratch or use one of the ready-made 5+ templates
  • Easy & Simple : Easily create simple and interesting popups — all with a few quick clicks. No coding skills required.
  • Built for Editor : Work organically and smoothly with the Site Editor

Useful Links
👉 Live Demo Test
👉 Documentation


  • Built-in Popup Templates
  • Time Trigger
  • Scroll Trigger
  • Click Trigger
  • Popup Behaviour
  • Popup Conditions
  • Popup Dimension
  • Close Button Options


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  • Simple Popup Block A simple and easy to use popup block plugin for block editor


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/simple-popup-block directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


This is indeed a really cool plugin! You simply use a block to create a popup on a page, post or template. The plugin comes with various templates for popups that you can use or customize according to your own ideas. Or you can make your very own popup… I hope that the developers continue to develop this cool tool. Maybe more options will be added? Because the idea of offering a popup as a Gutenberg block for websites is simply brilliant! Thanks
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Журнал змін

1.2.1 2024-07-17

  • Update: Test with 6.6 and update the Tested up to tag

1.2.0 2024-05-08

[Backward Incompatible: If you haven’t chosen a background color for the previous popups,
please make sure to select a background color via Simple popup block > Styles > Color > Background.
Failure to select a color could result in the popup displaying with a transparent background on the frontend]
* Enhancement : Added background color setting
* Enhancement : Added border radius setting

1.1.4 2024-05-02

  • Fix: Correct the assets

1.1.3 2024-05-02

  • Workflow: Automate plugin update

1.1.2 2024-04-02

  • Update : Plugin Description

1.1.1 2023-10-20

  • Fix – Fix readme.txt file header

1.1.0 2023-10-20

  • Enhancement – Added styling options for the popup such as height ,width ,borders.
  • Enhancement – Added close button appearance options.
  • Enhancement – Added option to show popup once.
  • Enhancement – Added plugin validation and version compatibility.
  • Enhancement – Added condition to show popup.
  • Enhancement – Added auto-close popup option.
  • Enhancement – Added default templates.
  • Fix – Improvised with corrected input types.
  • Fix – Adding multiple blocks to the same page.
  • Fix – Block design changed while moving the block.

1.0.0 2023-09-28

  • Initial Release