Simple Crypto Shortcodes


The Simple Crypto Shortcodes plugin does just what its name implies- providing you an easy way to get various cryptocurrency info- like price, volume, and a market cap of 11k+ coins!

For more info and a detailed overview of the plugin functions, as well as a full list of shortcodes, visit the official plugin page:

Big thanks to:

Aleksandra M.

for pro bono work on the graphic design of this plugin.


Simply install this plugin for the WordPress plugins repository and activate it.

Go to plugin settings and enter your CoinMarketCap API key, as well as the desired caching time for the crypto data.

Save both settings and you should be all set!

From this point, you should be able to use shortcodes like this:

[coin_price symbol=”BTC”]

Часті питання

Please check the official plugin page for explanations as well an updated list of shortcodes and frequently asked questions.


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