AI-SEO KISS makes optimization simpler by targeting important aspects like titles, descriptions, permalinks, and more. There’s no need for expert SEO skills – this plugin smooths out the process, letting you focus on crafting high-quality content. Stop wasting time and money on SEO and burdening your website with bulky plugins. Make sure your website appeals to both humans and AI bots! 🎵

Very Important!

This plugin has been migrated and became SEO Engine 🎉 It’s now here: SEO Engine. Thank you!


  1. Upload seo-kiss to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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There is really little to add to the title of this review other than to congratulate the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow. As mentioned in the title of this review, the AI-SEO KISS WordPress plugin is really well designed and coded, it also turns out to be very streamlined, lightweight and packed with lots of features and most importantly it works perfectly (mind you, do not confuse the errors that can be caused by an incompatibility with obsolete versions of PHP, because using the updated versions of PHP and supported by this plugin, although I have been using this plugin for a long time, I have not yet encountered any errors in this plugin).Basically with AI-SEO KISS this simple but very powerful WordPress plugin, you can fully automate SEO through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Oh I forgot… it is completely free.Note:This plugin has been migrated and became SEO Engine. To finish I still give my compliments to the Developer Mr. Jordy Meow and I can only recommend you to try it because it is really an Excellent plugin for WordPress and I am very proud to have completely translated it into Italian! Greetings and have a nice day.
I’ve been using the AI-SEO KISS plugin for a while now and it’s fantastic. The simplicity and effectiveness are unmatched. Great job to the team behind this plugin!
23.10.2023 1 reply
A wonderfully easy to use plugin. Also the support in the WP forum is very good!
07.04.2023 1 reply
I was using Yoast and decided to try this, as I used some of their other plugins. It is easy to use. I am still determining how AI will play into it in the future. One drawback is the category pages take on the page title for SEO of the first blog post, a significant drawback for WordPress sites. So you end up with two pages/posts with the same title, and your category pages are left without a relevant title. I changed my rating because Jordy said he was working on fixing that issue. I know he has been busy with his new AI features.
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Журнал змін

0.1.9 (2024/02/10)

  • Important: This plugin has been migrated and became SEO Engine 🎉 It’s now here: SEO Engine. Uninstall SEO Kiss and install SEO Engine. Thank you!

0.1.8 (2024/02/02)

  • Add: Maintenance Import / Export options for enhanced data management.
  • Add: NekoPill indicator for AI Engine status, providing visual feedback on operational status.
  • Fix: Addressed issues with undefined length and competitors for more reliable analytics.
  • Fix: Resolved language update reset issue, ensuring persistent settings across updates.
  • Fix: Eliminated warning log spam when no Google key is present, for a cleaner log experience.
  • Info: AI-SEO KISS works very well, but many of its features are still experimental. Don’t hesitate to join the Discord to discuss about it. We need your feedback! 🌴 Let’s work on something easier and better than the heavy and old-fashioned SEO.

0.1.7 (2023/12/25)

  • Update: UX enhancements with improved charts and loading indicators.
  • Add: Settings for Refresh Interval, Search Depth, Track Points.
  • Add: Force refresh button for immediate data update.
  • Add: Links for viewing competitors’ websites.
  • Add: Integration of data fetching from Google API and completion of SearchCard.
  • Add: CRUD operations for Searches.
  • Add: New Search Card component.
  • Add: Google Ranking Tab for better insights.
  • Update: Replaced regular options with an advanced component for better query handling.

0.1.6 (2023/11/29)

  • Add: Missing alt text images support.
  • Update: Code cleanup.

0.1.5 (2023/10/23)

  • Fix: Refresh dynamic values upon refreshing settings, including custom post types and language.
  • Update: Replaced deprecated NekoModal buttons for compatibility.
  • Misc: Removed testing logs for cleaner codebase.

0.1.4 (2023/10/03)

  • Add: New feature to block the GPTBot, which is the OpenAI bot. This way, you can make sure your content is not used by OpenAI to train their models.

0.1.3 (2023/10/02)

  • Add: Keywords for Posts. They will be reused by the AI for various purposes.

0.1.2 (2023/09/22)

  • Add: Sitemap feature.
  • Update: Optimized the bundles.

0.1.1 (2023/09/16)

  • Update: Many tiny fixes and improvements, as well as a cleanup of the UI.

0.1.0 (2023/09/11)

  • Add: Magic Fix is now working! 🎉

0.0.9 (2023/08/17)

  • Add: Support for AI for generating titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Add: SEO Score.
  • Add: Readability Treshold.

0.0.8 (2023/04/06)

  • Update: Improved UI.
  • Fix: Handle better the tags, categories, blog page, etc.

0.0.5 (2023/03/28)

  • Update: Better UI.
  • Update: Renamed in AI-SEO KISS, as the goal of this plugin is to help you adapt to the AI era.

0.0.4 (2023/02/16)

  • Add: We can now ignore/skip certain posts.

0.0.2 (2022/11/13)

  • Fix: Links.
  • Update: Compatibility.


  • First release.