SecurityScorecard Seal of Trust Badge


Quickly and easily add the SecurityScorecard badge of trust anywhere on your website. Simply add the shortcode in your content or use the installable widget to add it to your theme.


  • The SecurityScorecard Seal of Trust Badge displayed on a website
  • Examples of the shortcode
  • Example of the widget

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What is SecurityScorecard?

SecurityScorecard, the leader in cybersecurity ratings, continuously monitors and scores over 12 million organizations using a familiar A-F grade scale that correlates with breach risk. Their platform uses proprietary techniques to identify the external digital assets that belong to an organization, and assess them for security issues.

What grades will this show?

Currently the SecurityScorecard badge of trust will show your grade if it is an A or a B. For lower grades it will not display the grade.

How do I use the plugin?

The easiest way to use the plugin is to simply drag and drop the widget called “SecurityScorecard Seal of Trust Badge.” You can also use a shortcode called ssc-badge. [ssc-badge]. The shortcode has two options, domain and hide_attribution. Both are optional. Domain defaults to your website’s domain and should not be changed in most circumstances. Setting hide_attribution to a value of “1” will remove the “Powered by SecurityScorecard” link under your badge.


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