WC Variations Ajax

When Woocommerce updated to version 2.4 it broke a couple of our stores when the product had more than 20 variations. This plugin lets you increase th …

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WP Biographia

Add and display a customisable user biography to the front page, single post types, archives and RSS feeds as well as via a widget in your sidebar.

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WC Products by Brands

If you have one of the brand plugins running, think of this as a way to show products on the page that are tied to that brand.

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WC State Update

This was a fix to add 2 letter states to the dropdown in Woocommerce checkout.

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Musician Press

Musician Press – Video entertainment for musicians. 24/7 Programming. Includes daily content for bass players, clarinet players, drummers, flute, guit …

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oEmbed Travis

oEmbed Travis embeds your build logs on Travis CI into WordPress easily.

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Email Post Approval

Review and approve posts for publishing right from your inbox

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thydzik Google Map

thydzikGoogleMap is a WordPress plugin that creates inline Google maps in your WordPress posts.

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WP Issue Logger

Tags: issue logger, task, to do, project management

Requires at least: 4.7

Tested up to: 4.8.4

Stable tag: trunk

License: GPLv2 or later

License …

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Message Hub

A message pusher for Message Hub documentation page

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ChartNerd is a data analytics plugin for online marketers and entrepreneurs that would like to display their Stripe revenue and various other metrics …

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