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Add featured images to your WordPress RSS feed to improve your users experience, push your presence in tools like Feedly, Flipboard or Google News. RSS Chimp for WordPress brings featured images instantly with just a click to RSS feeds and helps you to unleash the full potential of your content as it integrates perfectly with Mailchimp, Zapier and other tools that pull feed data.

RSS Chimp does it the right way: It adds a image with according to the RSS specifications instead of messing around with the code and injecting it to the text of your feed. RSS Chimp makes your articles look perfectly to users in their feed readers and instantly enables your site to properly work with Mailchimp, Hubspot and other services that pull feed data for content marketing and marketing automation.

Additionally the plugins offers a lot of customization features for your WordPress feed: Set a logo/image for your RSS channel, add useful metadata like webmaster, editor and copyright information.

Free features

  • Adds featured images to your RSS feed
  • Chose between three different image sizes to optimize the loading speed and enhance the usability of your WordPress RSS feed
  • Perfectly integrates with Mailchimp, Google News, Hubspot and other services for marketing automation and content marketing
  • Enable/disable the default WordPress feed
  • Validate your feed with a quick link directly from the backend

Premium features

  • Select from all native and plugin/theme specific image sizes
  • Create an extra feed with additional image sizes
  • Change the permalink of the custom feed
  • Add custom text and HTML before or after each post in your feeds
  • Define lenght (full/summary) of the posts in the custom feed
  • Delay the publication of new posts in the feed
  • Hide WordPress version from the feed
  • Premium support via email

Support the development of RSS Chimp

You can support the development of the free version of RSS Chimp and make a contribution on Buy Me a Coffee.

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  • Admin view of RSS Chimp (free version)
  • Unlock advanced settings for your feed with RSS Chimp Pro
  • Settings page for the custom feed (RSS Chimp Pro)


  1. Upload the entire rss-chimp to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Chose the right image size for your feed at the settings page
  4. After you have published your next post your feed is served with the featured image in the desired size.

Часті питання

Why is my RSS feed not showing any images or is served with the incorrect image size?

The image is not available in the correct size. In most cases this is solved by simply regenerating the thumbnails. Try another image size or regenerate them. For regenerating the different image sizes we recommend the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails.

Why is my RSS feed showing/not showing after I disabled/enabled it?

After activating or deactivating the default feed or your custom feed it is necessary to flush the permalinks. Just go to the permalinks settings page and save it without changing anything.

I get a fatal error when activating RSS Chimp Pro. What can I do?

If you get a fatal error while activating RSS Chimp Pro it is mostly because RSS Chimp Free is still activated. Please deactivate the free version of the plugin and try to activate RSS Chimp Pro again. Now everything should work as expected.

I still have trouble with the plugin. Where can I get support?

For the free version we provide limited support at the official WordPress support forum. If you are a user of RSS Chimp Pro we provide premium support via email.


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Журнал змін


  • Added: Option to add URL parameters to links in RSS feeds (premium plan)
  • Tweaked: Lastest version of Freemius SDK
  • Tweaked: UI improvements
  • Tweaked: README.txt
  • Tweaked: Declared support for WordPress 5.9


  • Added: Option to include title and description with the featured image
  • Tweaked: README.txt
  • Tweaked: Declared support for WordPress 5.8
  • Fixed: Removed TGM Plugin Activation for better performance
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs


  • Added: Add RSS channel image
  • Added: Define copyright, managing editor and webmaster for feeds
  • Added: Introduced error handling to improve usability
  • Added: Feed delay (premium plan)
  • Tweaked: Lastest version of Freemius SDK
  • Tweaked: UI improvements
  • Tweaked: README.txt
  • Tweaked: Declared support for WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs


  • Added: Flush and rebuild rewrite rules upon plugin activation
  • Tweaked: README.txt
  • Tweaked: Declared support for WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed: Plugin deactivation and deinstallation routine


  • Tweaked: UI improvements
  • Tweaked: README.txt


  • Added: New image size
  • Added: Quick links for validating the feeds
  • Added: Add custom HTML before each post content in the feed (premium plan)
  • Tweaked: Lastest version of Freemius SDK
  • Tweaked: README.txt


  • Added: Additional image sizes
  • Added: Add custom HTML after each post content in the feed (premium plan)
  • Added: Option to reset plugin on deactivation
  • Tweaked: Improvements for the admin UI
  • Tweaked: Translated various texts
  • Tweaked: README.txt
  • Tweaked: Declared support for WordPress 5.5


  • Initial release