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ResOnline Booking Gadget


The ResOnline Booking Gadget allows registered Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks and other Accommodation Businesses to embed a relatively user-friendly booking widget directly on their website.

This plugin simplifies the process of embedding the ResOnline Booking Gadget by adding a simple shortcode to WordPress, allowing you to add the ResOnline Booking Gadget to any page, post or CPT on your site using:

[resonline id="123456"]

ResOnline Booking Gadget Lite

  • Embed a Booking Gadget on any Page, Post or CPT on your site
  • Set your default currency
  • Set a default search layout (horizontal or vertical)
  • Switch image previews / thumbnails on and off
  • Override default settings at a shortcode-level

ResOnline Booking Gadget Pro

  • All of the free versions’ options, plus…
  • Set the default number of days / columns displayed
  • Change the default Room Name label

Shortcode Usage

For ease of use and flexibility, this plugin’s shortcodes can be added with practically no options; however most functional options can be used and / or overridden at a shortcode level (including the Columns and Room Label options)

Basic Usage

At a minimum, the Hotel ID must be supplied in order to “pick up” the correct Booking Gadget. So, if you have the Hotel ID 12345, the corresponding short code would be:

[resonline id="12345"]

Additional Parameters / Overrides

The following parameters can be added to the Standard or Pro version of the short code to override the default features:


Any three-letter ISO currency code available to the vendor (eg AUD, USD, IDR, etc)


Layout override. Either horiz for the Wide / Horizontal Layout or vert for the Tall / Vertical Layout


Set to true to display preview images / thumbnails, or false to hide image previews


The default number of columns to display, when showing a Booking Gadget in Wide / Horizontal Layout mode


The label to show (eg, Rooms, Apartments, Cabins, etc)

Example Shortcode Overrides

Different default currency:

[resonline id="12345" currency="GBP"]

Force a horizontal layout:

[resonline id="12345" layout="horiz"]

Hide thumbnails:

[resonline id="12345" show-images="false"]

Reduce columns for a narrow layout:

[resonline id="12345" columns="5"]

Display a custom room label:

[resonline id="12345" label="Yurts"]

A combination of options:

[resonline id="12345" currency="USD" layout="vert" label="Houseboats"]


  • Default Horizontal layout of the ResOnline Booking Gadget
  • Default Vertical layout of the ResOnline Booking Gadget
  • The ResOnline Booking Gadget after custom styles have been added manually using a child-theme. Note that styling "options" are not presently available (although there are plans to add the feature soon)
  • Standard and Pro options


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/resonline-booking-gadget directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard => Settings => ResOnline to cusotmise the settings

Часті питання

Can I style the Booking Gadget

Yes, but it’s a bit fiddly. You will need to add custom CSS to your child theme.

Styling options will be coming in a later version of this plugin.

Can I customise “Pro” features on the free version

Yes, you can. This is done at the shortcode level, eg [resonline id="123456" columns="12"].


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  • Temporarily locked Pro features ON while an issue with the software licencing platform is being sorted


  • Updated method used to connect to the verification server


  • Added input sanitisation
  • Added output escaping


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