Цей плагін не перевірявся з останніми 3-ма основними випусками WordPress. Можливо, він більше не може розроблятися або підтримуватися, і він може мати проблеми сумісності при використанні з більш новими версіями WordPress.

Refyn Search


REFYN – New Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that can search a site using only features. No keywords, no training, and no index are required! E.g. Query of “4×4” will fetch jeep and SUV even if “4×4” is not in DB at all. It will fetch all images with a certain shape, color, and so on without scanning pixels – Just by cognitively understanding that toilet paper has a shape of a cylinder.

For a deme test, please visit https://demo.refyn.org !


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  • shortcode
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  1. log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  2. In the search field type “Refyn Search” and click Search Plugins. Once you have found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that link you will be asked if you are sure you want to install the plugin. Click yes and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.
  3. activate the plugin in wp-admin
  4. request an api-key here and put it in using wp-admin and your done!


I have seen the reports and analytics of multiple eCom websites. They tell the same story. Anywhere from 50 - 100%+ increase in conversion rates when Refyn is implemented as opposed to without. The ease and intuitiveness of navigating an eCom site is made even more effortless with Refyn. Misspelled what you are searching for? Don't know the correct brand? Don't know what it's called but know what it looks like? No problem. You always end up in the right place. Brilliant plugin.
The Refyn smart Search is simply brilliant! It's a major improvement over other site searches which often produce irrelevant results. When the user doesn't know exactly what he's looking for, he can simply enter some words that are on his mind and the search will quickly show him what he's looking for! This will save customers lots of time and improve website conversation rates! I highly recommend Refyn Search!
I tried few site search plugins. They were not smart enough or they just cover part of my site. Refyn fetch results from my wooCommerce AND my pages/posts on one slick popup window!
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Журнал змін

  • Change Log – Please Visit https://refyn.org/changelog/

2.1.0 – 2021/06/09

  • Option to use the plugin as a popup or a dropdown list.

2.0.0 – 2021/06/02

  • The plugin was redesigned from scratch, plugin size decreased by 98%, and increased overall speed.

  • New Refyn SaaS page, login at https://dash.refyn.org

1.2.2 – 2020/08/05

  • Moved edit/delete function from machine learning tab and stop words into SaaS Dashboard:

1.2.0 – 2020/07/27

  • New api server

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Added features

1.1.0 – 2018/01/01

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Added features

1.0.0 – 2017/01/01

  • Initial release.

  • Tweak – Admin Dashboard statistics in the footer: USER LEVEL : _____ | USAGE: ____ | MEMBER SINCE : __________