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Read More Right Here


“Read More Right Here” uses the jQuery framework already included with WordPress installations. RMRH hooks into the WordPress creation of the
“more” link and adds a custom class. When your blog is loaded, all links of this custom class are modified to no longer send the user to that post’s
single page display when clicked. Instead, the WordPress database is queried for that specific post, and all content after the tag (i.e. only what you need) is returned.
The new content is then immediately displayed to the user, inline with the opening content.

For more information, please visit the Woolie T. WP plugins page.


  • User clicked the “Read More” link and the content is loading
  • Plugin Settings page


  1. Upload the read-more-right-here directory (“unzipped”) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Find “Read More Right Here” in the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click “Activate”
  3. Visit “Settings > Read More Right Here” to customize

Часті питання

After the post content is pulled, how can I change the ‘red more’ text to something more accurate, like ‘read less?

The “Link Text On Expanded Content” option is avaiable on the plugin’s Settings page.

I am using a lightbox plugin, and none of the ‘more’ content that is pulled down gets lightbox-ized.

Some plugins, like this one, depend on javascript to implement much of its functionality. The javascript code that searches your page looking
for images to lightbox or ‘more links’ to modify, is triggered once, when the page has completely loaded. New content dynamically added to the
page later will not receive this special treatment.

Starting with WordPress 3.0, jQuery 1.4.2 is included. Plugin authors who make use of its live or delegate
functions will most likely be able to avoid this issue.

Is there anyway to determine when new content has been displayed for a post?

The ‘Read More Right Here’ plugin client-side code triggers custom “events” using jQuery’s trigger method. Other scripts loaded to the page can hook into these events to offer additional functionality.

  • ‘RMRHContentExpanded’ is triggered when the new content is displayed
  • ‘RMRHContentCollapsed’ is triggered when the new content is hidden

The events are triggered by the ‘more-link’ anchor element. Any element futher up the DOM can handle them.
Example code for handling these events:

// '.post' is the post containing element. 
jQuery('.post').bind('RMRHContentExpanded RMRHContentCollapsed',function(e,data)

    // return false; // prevents event from bubbling up the DOM
When the new content is loaded on the page, there are a bunch of weird looking characters in the text that shouldn’t be there. What do I do?

One option is to visit the plugin’s Settings page and select the “Use UTF-8 Decode” option, which runs the returned content through PHP’s utf8_decode function.

This thread suggests modifying the .htaccess file of the site to include “AddDefaultCharset UTF-8”.

Another solution is to change the string encoding at the database level, though that is beyond the scope of this FAQ (because I don’t know how).

I have adsense ads within the content of my post. This plugin causes weird issues.

There is a limit to the number of adsense ads you can have on a page. If your ‘front page’ has ads, and the content pulled by this plugins also
contains ads, then you might inadvertantly step over the limit once that new content is inserted into the page.

Why does the ‘read more’ click sometimes take me directly to the single post view of the post, instead of expanding dynamically with the new content (like it should)?

Unfortunately, with IE 7 and 8, embedded flash content cannot be dynamically inserted inline with the rest of the post content. If that is the browser in use, and if an ‘object’ element is found in the new content, the user is immediately sent to the single post view. Sorry. For more history on the matter see here.

How do I change the “loading” image?

The “loading” image used to visually inform the user that the new content is arriving was created using the excellent Ajax Load website. To use a different image you
can create a new one and drop it into this plugin’s root directory (plugins/read-more-right-here/loader). Then visit the plugin’s Settings page and select that image using the ‘Loader Image’ option.

What is the “wt_rmrh-debug.js” file?

The javascript used for this plugin is found in “read-more-right-here/js/wt_rmrh.js“. It has been compressed using Google’s Closure Compiler. The original, uncompressed javascript is also included and is named “wt_rmrh-debug.js”. To use the uncompressed javascript file, visit the plugin’s Settings page and check the ‘Use Debug Script’ option.


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