Random Sentence Generator


Displays a Random Sentence when a visitor clicks on a button.
Add the short code [RSG] to any page or post to display.
This plugin has 500 different Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions to make randomly generated sentences.
It also has 100 top gamer quotes that will randomly generate to alternate randomly between them.

Tested on:


1: Astra Pro
2: Astra
3: Twenty
4: Phlox


  1. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.

  3. Add [RSG] to any page or post.

Часті питання

How do I use this plugin?

Add short code to display on any page or post, [RSG]

How to uninstall the plugin?

Simply deactivate and delete the plugin.


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Учасники та розробники

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Журнал змін


  • Plugin released.
  • Fixed issues with the display.
  • revised to have 500 different word options.
  • add the short code for display on pages or posts.
  • add styling to align text.
  • add styling to design.
  • updated readme.txt


  • add new content 100 best video game quotes of all-time
  • add a random pick to output


  • add admin panel too WordPress dashboard
  • add user input to the front UI


  • moved user input into RSG dashboard
  • add settings page to WordPress dashboard in sub-menu for an API key
  • add DB for user input
  • add edit page for user input
  • add API in settings
  • add user input to display in RSG dashboard
  • add the ability to edit/delete user input
  • add style to user input display on RSG dashboard
  • add clear form button


  • cleaned up URL’s
  • add internal navigation on dashboard / settings pages for RSG


  • add DB cleanup after the plugin is deleted
  • optimized code for performance
  • removed edit of user-uploaded sentence
  • Fixed display of sentence submitted
  • improved comments in code
  • Fixed Uncaught TypeError


  • removed Submenu from tools
  • add user style settings to UI