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TelPos Store Managament


TelPos Store Management is an open source e-commerce solution developed by TELSKY TECHNOLOGY COMPANY ( Our Website: https://telsky.vn/ ), to help businesses manage, buy and sell products.

Major features in TelPos Store Managament include:

  • Manage import orders, sales orders, invoices for customers.
  • Debt chart, revenue and expenditure clearly, help you control the debt of customers as well as suppliers more easily.
  • Separate quotes, general quotes for each customer group.
  • Adding members, managing members, granting permissions to each member helps the business apparatus be divided into small, easy to manage departments.
  • Have a list of warehouses for large enterprises, manage the inventory of each warehouse

Features will be available in Pro version

  • Pay Online via PayPal to upgrade to Pro version
  • Link with current hot e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, TikTok Shop,…
  • Besides, we also develop the plugin according to the professional requirements of our customers, for any questions, please contact the hotline Mr.Phuong: 096.884.9951


  • The screen of dashboard telpos management.
  • The screen of quotation list management.
  • The screen of Add New or Update quotation function.
  • The screen of product list items master.
  • The screen of view detail product.
  • The screen of add new supplier.
  • The screen of list purchase order management.
  • The screen of add new purchase order.
  • The screen of invoice purchase order.
  • The screen of customer list management.
  • The screen of sale order management.
  • The screen of view detail sale order.
  • The screen of invoce sale order.
  • The screen of stock inventory management.
  • The screen of update stock quantity.
  • The screen of user role management.
  • The screen of setting TELPOS management.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.4 or greater is recommended
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended


This is a great plugin, easy to use, it has helped a lot with my shop management work on my own wordpress website.
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Журнал змін


Release Date – 31 January 2023

  • Added check delete product.
  • Added check delete product unit.
  • Added check delete product type.
  • Added delete all purchase debt and purchase order when delete partner.
  • Added delete all sale debt and sale order when delete customer.
  • Added check delete warehouse.


Release Date – 03 February 2023

  • Added function create account for mobile.


Release Date – 07 February 2023

  • Fix bug.


Release Date – 08 February 2023

  • Added Link android application.


Release Date – 09 February 2023

  • Added discount value for Sale order.
  • Added discount value for Purchase order.


Release Date – 10 February 2023

  • Fixbug change purchase order and sale order.
  • Added don’t change partner in purchase order when edit order.
  • Added don’t change customer in sale order when edit order.


Release Date – 10 February 2023

  • Fixbug count null at dashboard


Release Date – 18 February 2023

  • Fixbug quotation